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Does any one else miss it

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I have had no negative effects from my prostate surgery except loss of ejaculation

Does anyone else miss it?

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Every day! (or at least every day I have an orgasm)


Yes, from comments here a lot of us do miss ejaculation. But you are lucky, because many of us have had bigger worries, about incontinence or ED, not to mention those who have ended up not cancer free despite the surgery. I don't want to minimize the change for you--for some guys ejaculation is pretty important--but you will in all likelihood get used to it since orgasms and sex in general will remain pleasant and satisfying in many other ways!

Yes, I do miss the wet ejaculations. I had surgery in June of 2013 and am very glad to be cancer free but do feel a sense of longing for the past as far as sex goes.

I miss my erection. I miss the lessened intensity of orgasm without ejaculation. Frankly, I like semen, its feeling, texture and smell. So I miss that, too.

Yes...Feeling the semen run through my cock...All a part of the orgasm...

Be glad that’s your only worry. It is an important for sure but ED , incontinence, and cancer that spread past the prostate is a totally different ball game.

Thanks to everyone for providing various perspectives. I agree with them all....longing for the time when things were "normal," wanting things to remain the same, glad my surgery went well and it's looking like I'll remain cancer free. I'm 5 months out, and have some limited success with orgasm.

Does anyone have anything to share about being 5 months out with a 30% to 40% orgasm. Will more time show improvements? Does being at 30/40% now indicate a positive projection for future improvement, or does it represent the best I can expect over the long term?

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Hi Mark, I found orgasms can get better with time. I had my surgery 9/2015 and would say it took a year to get a good feeling orgasm back. It’s different of course, and though no semen since my seminal vesicles are gone, I do have pre-ejaculate from my Cowper’s gland. The surgery takes time to heal on the inside.

I may be crazy but I feel orgasms are stronger now

Maybe because no mess to worry about

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That’s true. :)

Yes a lot.....really a different feeling...orgasms were much more bang for the buck.

I had 39 radiation treatments and 2.5 years of Lupron every 6 months. I sometimes produce a few drops of cum (a few minutes after orgasm), but my orgasms are more intense than they were when I was a teenager! I do miss the cum, but like you say..."no mess to worry about"! LOL

I was diagnosed with PCa January 2019. Lost my ejaculation recently during HDR and LDR treatments. I do miss it.


something interesting I have found ...

even though I no longer get BIG and hard - I do feel a sense of erection - and with a talented partner - the stimulation can be very intense. It is my " theory " that all the nerve endings are still there - but closer together - so the sensation is quite intense. Something I have discovered is that after a session of excitement and stimulation - if I take a strong piss - it can feel like a major cum - in the right circumstances it is pretty amazing

ya take and appreciate what ya get ...

good luck

I can't imagine anyone not missing a wet orgasm. PC sucks and robs us of a very important part of our lives.

You are very fortunate my friend, some of us myself included went through the surgery and were led to believe that the doc got it all only to find 5 months later that the PSA starts going up and orgasms are almost impossible and the nerves are left so damaged that even taking a piss without making a mess is a challenge, I guess it’s the docs experience and caring that helps

I’m glad for you. : )

Orgasms can be much stronger, and I can be multiorgasmic now. I had ED before surgery, and I'm limp but I can still climax. When I look at porn now, I want to see the guy(s) shooting. I can't do it, but I can sure appreciate it.


I too miss ejaculation, but I have found that orgasms are much more intense!

Miss it! Even though it wasn't a big amount. I had 43 doses of RT last fall, 18 mo ADT finishing up soon.

Check out Giddy and Xialla! These are new devices that should help you to a degree.

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