Does active anal activity increase PSA?

Does anyone know if prostate massage or anal play can increase the PSA in normal prostate cells, say before a PSA test? If so can this change the test results?

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  • it's possible. You may want to refrain from all sexual activity for three or so days before your test.

  • Yes, it definitely will - so will orgasms. Avoid sex (and bike riding) for 48 hours before a PSA test.

  • Thanks for the reply

  • My Doc says lay of sex for at least a week to ensure your test is accurate. Some guys can be OK with a few days, but why risk any problems? It always impacted my results. I would go from a PSA of 3 to a 6 or 7, and have to take the test again.

  • A week? No way. This meta-analysis found the increase due to ejaculation was small and vanished by 24 hours: "Therefore, sexual abstinence should be advised for 24 hours before any PSA measurement to avoid nonspecific interpretations of serum PSA levels."

    But anything that creates intense prostate massage - a bicycle seat, a finger, a cock, a fist, or toys - may require longer.

  • My own personal experience; i need to abstain for at least a week, otherwise my PSA escalates dramatically. Everyone is different.

  • yes, and the bike riding thing mentioned above is true, too

  • Yes, and if you're talking "serious" anal fisting or something, you may want to lay off all the anal stuff for a couple weeks. It's been well known for years that one should not get a PSA blood draw shortly after having your doc do a DRE, and the more massaging done, the greater the probability of elevated PSA.

    I'll also add that IF there is an elevated PSA, one should be cautious about jumping to a biopsy without another PSA test several weeks later...staying off bikes and/or out of slings in the meantime!

  • I can further support other's reply. I'm mostly a top but an avid biker, and I redid tests which were obvious outliers. My doc insisted on at least 72 hours free of biking and sex...I assume bottoming even more so. Another fun thing for men to oblige to. Oh sweet prostate, a source of such great pleasures and great pain. Cheers and let us know how it went...

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