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I had Robotic prostate removal Oct. 30, 2018. Recovering was amazing and guick. Now I am working on erection therapy. Trying different natural pills. It's a slow process as per my doctor. But I have hope.

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"Natural pills" - like what? Penile rehab should be taken seriously to avoid permanent ED, size loss, Peyronie's, etc.

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I am taken it seriously. What to you know that could help me on this road of recovering to getting hard.?

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Follow whatever Dr Mulhall suggests:

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Thank you Tim. Will order book now.

Hey. Glad it went well. Mine was Oct 15 and just started with Cialis last month. Really slow going I suppose.

whatever those "natural pills" are, please let us know if they work! meanwhile, you might try a little Viagra, too, just in case! Seriously, good luck..... (my African friends swear by bitter kola, by the way, but I found it of minimal help if any)

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Will do..Jim

I had an accident last year which gave me a lot of broken bones including my pelvis which I had major surgery and I had a raptured bladder which I had catheter for six months now everything is done except I have incontinence and ED which is giving me a lot of stress I really don’t sleep because of this any one can help me I will appreciate a lot I am 34 years old thanks

I have working too after one year sergury.

My 'rehab' started with cialis 4 weeks before surgery, and then resumed 1 week post surgery (early January). Doctors said I have a reasonable chance to regain function given my age (59) and partial nerve sparing. I will be getting (or giving myself) injections 2/week.

Also, the cialis was prescribed through a compound pharmacy, 30 pills (a 2 month supply) was $100 even including shipping. I think that is even a little cheaper than my copays if I submitted through insurance.

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