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PSA after 2 years of RP

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Just received the 2 years PSA after surgery - 0.05.

2 months ago it was 0.03 and it has been around this mark for the last 2 years ...

Not too pleased with this increase.

Happy Easter everyone.

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I'm not sure it is a real increase.

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Paulo1968 in reply to Tall_Allen

Hi Tall_Allen,

why do you say that? It moved from a 2 years around 0.03 to 0.05 … My doctor said that from the second year onwards I should be tested evert six months, but as I moved to 0.05, I guess I rather test again in 3 months from now. What do you thing?

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Tall_Allen in reply to Paulo1968

An increase of 0.02 is within the normal daily fluctuations. I think every 3 months is fine.

Hey dude!! I can't believe it's been 2 years! Those numbers are great!!! I just had my 9 year anniversary and I'm here 2 tell u it gets better!!!

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Paulo1968 in reply to koiboi

In fact, 2 years that most of the time I don’t remember I had this :-)

What has been your PSA lately? Good to know about your example.

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koiboi in reply to Paulo1968

O.02/0.03 fluctuates. I still test every 6 months 4 my mind cuz the thought of it returning haunts me.

Just keep an eye on it and test when u want!!

Hi Paulo, I understand why you are concerned. It’s disappointing that it has increased but didn’t it increase before and stay at 0.03 for a good while. Perhaps it will again. I have been told that you would need to have two or three increases in a row at that level before they would probably recommend more treatment. Hopefully next test will be back at 0.03 again.

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Paulo1968 in reply to Bcgkelly


Yes I know I need more records to do any thorough view but we always want to get it stable and low. Let’s see ... if it had stayed at 0.03 I would not be thinking of it but now I have to worry about a next test again!

How are you?

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Bcgkelly in reply to Paulo1968

In exactly the same position. My last PSA was 0.024 up from 0.013 and I’m due the next test at end of May. If it’s 0.05 or higher he will probably order a further test 6 weeks later and if it was to increase again he has already told me he wants me to get a further PSMA test. That would be three increases in a row. To be honest I was taking reassurance from you as you stayed at 0.03 for ages and weren’t you 0.01 at one point. Hope it’s just a bounce or will settle at the 0.03 mark. Fingers crossed we will be okay but I understand exactly how you feel. Try put it out of your mind till next test.

i thought that this sort of change can be due to test variation and nothing to worry about. my PSA was 55.45 a couple of months ago and i will be getting another test soon. neither my urologist nor my oncologist seems freaked out and thinks i should just see what the next result is and get another Axumin PET scan and then maybe know what to do. after radiation my PSA was virtually undetectable for a few years but has recently been doubling at about a 3 month rate.

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Paulo1968 in reply to spencoid2

I have been doing the test in the same laboratory. So I guess I have to wait another 3 months to check if it is normal variation or an trend increase!

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