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Thrown a Curve Ball

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Hey Fellas, so it seems my journey continues. Last month was my 3-month post-surgery check-in. Had A PSA Level of 0.7. I consulted 3 oncologists and was advised to do a very extensive PET Scan and 2 MRI's. Which I did on Monday. Before my scans I did some bloodwork. The results are as follows...over the past month my PSA has risen to 0.98, and the PET Scan showed a small spot (could be PSA/PC activity) in 1 lymph node on the right side of my Pelvis. 2 oncologists are advising that I do a biopsy of the lymph node and if it tests for cancer cells, my options are to RT and 2 years of HT, which I am not looking forward to. Another option is surgery to remove the lymph node and possibly radiate and do a shorter term of hormone therapy. While I am grateful to be out in front of my situation, thanks to many of you on here, I am feeling a little sad and frustrated that this situation has once again taken another turn. If anyone has had a similar experience, I am eager to know more. In the meantime, while for biopsy to be scheduled I am going to continue to stay in my life, i.e.- go to the gym, manage my business, be a Dad to my children and a husband to my Thanks for reading my rant, and may we all continue on the road to a healthy cancer-free body.


12 Replies
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sounds like a pretty even-tempered rant to me under the circumstances, Dreamweaverman, no apology needed! be wishing you the best of luck....

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Dreamweaverman in reply to jimreilly

Thanks Jim! Needed to get off chest.

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Sorry to hear this. Radiation +ADT gives you a second chance at a cure. I don't see the point of surgery+radiation.

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Dreamweaverman in reply to Tall_Allen

Hey Allen, Yeah I am kind of thinking that they may choose surgery in lieu of radiation.

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Tall_Allen in reply to Dreamweaverman

Who is "they"? It's your choice, not theirs.

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Tall_Allen in reply to Tall_Allen

I suggest you talk to Michael Zelefsky at MSK.

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Dreamweaverman in reply to Tall_Allen

Hey Allen, meant my choice of course. I will reach out to Michael Zelefsky tomorrow. You are an amazing asset and I’m so grateful for your candidness.

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Hi Dreamweaverman, I’m sorry to hear your news but it looks like your health aftercare has caught this rise in your PSA early so that is a huge positive. So far I’m fortunate that mine has remained undetectable post surgery and all I can offer is an ear to listen. I don’t believe your post was a rant, rather a vent and asking for advice, keep going with your very positive attitude. Keep us posted

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So sorry to hear of the turn of events. As you say, what can we do other than just roll with the punches. As I have mentioned previously, I have placed my complete trust in MSK. You mention that you are seeing someone there. Of course we must still be our own advocates I would rest more comfortably with their opinion(s). I wish the best of all possible outcomes for you.

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Dreamweaverman in reply to PCGeorge

Thanks so much. Will keep you posted

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Glad you have a place to bring your concerns, Dreamweaverman, and get some solid answers. Always good to know you have plenty of other brothers supporting you. Glad you are addressing this early like other already said. Peace and all good, guy...

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Dreamweaverman in reply to JohnZi

Thanks John, yeah having a rising PSA post surgery scares me a little, but it seems there are some good options to stay ahead and eventually be rid of this thing. Best to you.

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