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I'm new here


After several days of being "reminded" by my husband Don (aka Kansas Couple) here I am. My father died of prostate cancer at age 71. As such, I have had a digital exam and PSA drawn every year for some time. This last test showed my psa had jumped 2 points. Was still only 5.3. That resulted in trip to urologist and subsequent biopsy. 4 of 12 samples positive (all on left side) with a Gleason of 8. Bone scan and CT of abdomen clear. After consultation with surgeon and Radiation Oncologist we decided on RRP. (Prostate still small, 21 cm and family history.) one 4 month Lupron shot and surgery a month later. Now three months later and psa this week was 0.0. Recovering nicely but do have advice for those getting ready to undergo surgery. The only issue I have now is a sharp stabbing pain sometimes when I try to sit up in bed to go pee. I go to see surgeon for follow-up next Wednesday.

Hope I didn't go on too long. Would be glad to share suggestions, resolution to issues.

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Hope your recovery continues to go well.

My Dad also died from prostate cancer at 67. I’m 55 and had an operation to remove prostate and lymph nodes 8 weeks ago. Gleason score was 8 pre-operation and CT and bone scan were clear. I am having my first post operation PSA test in August and like you hopefully it will be zero. Surgeon thinks it may be as margins from operation were negative. I’m not on hormone treatment yet. How is it going for you? It’s something I have a fear of.

Haven't needed any hormone therapy. Just the Lupron before surgery to stop cancer progress. Margins were clear as were lymph nodes.

Hope the recovery keeps going well, and that damn pain goes away! good luckwith the follow up!

I’m glad things are going well for you.

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