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Prostate Cancer And Gay Men
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New here

Hi guys! Heard about this forum from Allen Edel on another forum. He’s been super helpful. Completed my second week of radiation of an eight and a half week treatment schedule. Was going to get Proton therapy and went thru all the prep/procedures only to find out later that my insurance wouldn’t cover it, even after numerous appeals. Also go a 6 month Lupron shot that has screwed with you know what. Big bummer as I don’t even feel like the same person anymore, though I understand it may be a temporary setback.

Anyway, glad to be part of the group!


DFW area, USA

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Jacques, Glad you have landed here. Terrific support group of we guys in this precarious and challenging health situation. I have a close friend who has also gone thru radiation and it got better for him. Don't hesitate to ask or share anything you may need or want. Tim in Denver.

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Hi Jaques!

Welcome, to the group.

I went through what your going through.

I had to take those Lupron shots every 3 months, for 2 years, so I know what your going through.

The worst thing for me was the Hot Flashes.

The only thing that helped was to carry a small fan around with me and used it whenever I sat down for a while and when I went to bed.

I developed Radiation Cystitis, 4 years after Radiation Treatment.

They don't tell you that is a possible side effect of Radiation Treatment.

Hopefully, you will have better luck than I did.

My best, to you.

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Hi Lavis,

Yes, the hot flashes are bothersome and they didn't tell me that I would be prone to them after the Lupron so I was always thinking that I was running a fever! I also didn't know about Radiation Cystitis. That does not sound pleasant at all and I'm sorry you went thru that.


Hi Jacques, I also considered Proton therapy but decided to do RP. I was really uncomfortable with several weeks of radiation and the RP seemed easier for me. It sounds like you have a positive mindset which is important for quick recovery. Take care!

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Hi win,

Do you mean you were uncomfortable for the first few weeks of RP? If so, how so? I’m experiencing fatigue and now diarrhea. Ugh!



I mean I was uncomfortable with going through several weeks of radiation therapy so i chose surgery. its been 4 weeks since surgery and I'm feeling great. can't wait to get back to my daily workouts and cardio routine. I thought I would be very depressed about losing my prostate but so far, I'm handling it well.


Here are some tips that might help with the fatigue. Basically, exercise!


Here's a list of potential side effects of EBRT in rough order of the percent who experience each:


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Thanks Allen! Great stuff.


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