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Hi everyone. My name is Tim and had my prostectomy 2 years ago. I'm 50 now, have been healthy with the exception of struggling with ED since the surgery and now in the past year, my testosterone has dropped to below 200. Andropause is real but what complicates it for me is that I have been told by my doctor that he will not consider giving me a testosterone replacement until 5 years after clean PSA results. My PSA has been 0.1 for just over 2 years now.

I won't accept this as my normal as this is a miserable experience, and believe I'm doing more harm to myself by not addressing it.

Has anyone been in this situation and if so, was there a specific HTR that helped you?any advice you might have would be Greatly appreciated

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  • Tim, there is hope for you. Do a google search on "morgentaler prostate cancer testosterone" and start reading. I suggest the article google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q... as a good place to start.

    My T was about 124 ten years ago when I was diagnosed with PCa. My regular doctor said he'd start T replacement as soon as my treatments were done. The urologist I started seeing at the end of my PCa treatments said, "I'd have given you T at replacement levels even during treatment". There definitely are doctors who are up to date on the newer thinking and research on T and PCa. That said, there are some cases where because of the aggressiveness of the PCa or metastitsis where T replacement is inappropriate.

  • Thank you BerkshireBear. Appreciate the hope, link and information. I'm glad to hear you were able to receive T during and after your process. My Ca was contained with no margins and to my knowledge was a complete success and I questioned my doctor about this when my T dropped, but was refused. I will use this info to find treatment... Amd a new doctor

  • I hope you mean your PSA has been <0.1 ng/ml. What's an HTR? My Uro gives TRT after a year post-prostatectomy, I think.

    The latest studies I've seen about this are:

    jurology.com/article/S0022-... (n=82)

    ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articl... (n=103)

    As you can see, the sample sizes are not all that big, and they were both retrospective studies. On the other hand, there's no evidence that giving TRT after RP has been a problem. You might have to find a more amenable doctor.

  • Hi Tall Allen, yes I was referring to my PSA being 0.1 ng/ml. HRT is hormone replacement therapy. Thanks for catching that, You are correct-TRT, and I appreciate the links. I have already started looking for doctors in my area and may have to go outside my insurance, but it will be worth it if I can find the right doctor.

    Thank you again

  • Tim,

    If your PSA is 0.1 ng/ml, you should be talking about salvage radiation rather than TRT. Please double check that you did not mean that it is <0.1 (less than 0.1). That little "<" is VERY important.

  • Hi Tall Allen. My PSA is <0.1. Undetectable. Thank you for clarifying, I did forget to place the <

  • Tim,

    A PSA of 0.1 though great is not perfect. There is a possibility that there is still some prostate tissue in your body. The left behind tissue can be benign or it could be minuscule numbers of cancer cells, there is no way of telling. The goal post surgery is less than 0.1 or undetectable.

    If you do move on to HTR make sure that you are very vigilant in monitoring your PSA, just to be safe.


  • Tim, I also was diagnosed early with Prostate cancer, age 55. I also have ED . The only thing that gets me hard is the Tri-gel penal injections. You got good advise. Testosterone fuels prostate cancer. No doctor would prescribe Testosterone injections for a guy with history of Prostate cancer. If you want to talk more direction, we could exchange emails. Let me know

  • Hi, thanks for jumping in. It's yet another conflicting situation but hope to find a balance that is healthy and helps. I would like to talk more in emails.


  • mineo.keith@gmail.com Sir, write me personally and I will respond quickly

  • Hi

    Are you on ADT. If so I would love to share emails

  • Thanks Joel, I am staying on this one and having PSA tests every 6 months and have for 2 years. When I start I may increase this to 3 times a year to better monitor. Appreciate the info


  • Hey Tim, who really knows what is right for you? My doctor told me 3 years was the magic number and no testosterone treatment before that time!

  • Thanks Koiboi. Agree, it's been great to get info and make connections from guys who have been thru this. I'm looking at it from all sides and making progress :)

  • It seems not many guys are on this site from California! I'm 3 hours from you. I had my robotic surgery 5.5 years ago and I'm still struggling with "things". I was diagnosed at 54 right after my birthday. You are young and I hope in good health otherwise, so you have to think positive.

  • ive noticed that also. To be honest, I'm surprised there are not many more gay men on this site from everywhere. The posts and insights are important and help.

    I am in the midst of raising my T but still have some things that are issues.

    You in northern cal below Bay Area?

  • In the northern Sacramento valley just above Chico. Here's my email if you have any more personal questions, I'm very open for any kind of question! Lomokoiboi@gmail.com

  • I don't mean to offend anyone, but if we exchange personal emails only one person gains from the insights exchanged. It's really helpful to see what folks are writing/feeling, and the resulting support. Just a suggestion...

  • No offense taken! Not on here often!

  • I am gay , prostate surgery , 2010, and from California and Arizona. If any one has quesitons or If could help, let me know

  • Hey Tim, just wondering how you are doing!

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