Prostate Cancer And Gay Men
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63 year old. One year since RP surgery. Gleason 3+4, T1c, 6 of 12 cores positive. Started on penile rehab 2 weeks before surgery. Partial nerve sparing on one side, complete on the other. Good luck with bladder control. Was off pads after about three months. Using 5 mg. Cialis daily, VFD daily for 10 minutes. Used MUSE for a while and switched to Trimix injections 2 -3 times per week.. Meds produce good results, pretty close to normal and sufficient for penetration. Generic Trimix is inexpensive and the injection is not a big deal, I recommend it highly. Good for close to normal function as well as keeping tissue healthy until nerves recover. Started to notice nocturnal erections about 12 months after surgery. That's my story in a nutshell

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Glad to hear things are going so well. You are obviously keeping on top of things and reaping the benefits.


I'm a little surprised that so many don't seem to be aware of rehab practices. My urologist is at a major university urology clinic, as was my surgeon different specialists. Rehab was part of the plan even before surgery. My advice is, don't settle. There is plenty of information available on line. Find a urologist or clinic that is doing this kind of work.


sounds good--good results and you got the appropriate help before & after surgery!


Empower pharmacy in Houston, TX is a compounder. $80.00 for 5 cc. That's 40 doses at my level. You Dr. can probably send a script and they'll ship it to you. They also have tadalafil at reasonable price.


Radical prostatectomy by DaVinci 11/2008. Gleason 7

Short story:

Any advice on getting Trimix and using it? My insurance won't cover it. I'm not needle phobic.

Long story:

I started "rehab" as soon as the catheter came out. Cialis daily gave me serious leg pain. The others weren't covered by insurance and since I wasn't seeing anyone and I could get hard masturbating to porn, I left it at that. I just did my daily rehab to porn.

My issue is I can get hard, sometimes really hard, masturbating to porn, and I wake up with a very good erection sometimes. But with a real man it doesn't happen. I suspect that using porn for so long has shifted the stimulus response or something. Drugs help some, but not reliably for penetration. Haven't used Tri-mix.

After 8 yrs of solo masturbation and the occasional sex date, I've jumped back in the pool. I use the online sites, Grindr, SilverDaddies, etc. Not great, but I have met some good guys. I'm up front about the situation. Some guys (not that there have actually been that many) are happy to just be top, some are more willing to work on the situation. I find I'm horny all the time now. I called myself a "versatile bottom" before the surgery. I'd like to get the versatile back into my "profile."

Anyone dealt with this situation? How did you handle it.



Here's a little longer answer. I'm 13 months from RPP and have recently begun having nocturnal erections. They're near normal. I take that as a positive sign. Self stimulation and porn have never done much physically. Intimacy creates "feelings" like something will happen but nothing does without a lot of stimulation. I'm hoping this will progress as I keep working on it. The Trimix works very well. About as good an erection as I can remember.


Thanks. I get the 'feelings' thing exactly.


Very helpful to know. I am 4 months out and just barely beginning to see signs of life, with no treatment other than daily small-dose cialis followed my a normal dose every 5 days or so.


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