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Focal croablation

Hi All,

Just diagnosed 3+4=7 5% percent of tumor load

Doc at presybeterian Cornell in NYC recommended focal crosblation one side (left side) focused on the little spots

Any feedback ? Anyone tried it? Side effects according to doc are minimal ... I need "real " exepetiences feedback please. Thanks - John

Doing a second opinion at Sloan next week... they're redoing pathology etc plus specialized blood tests

Hard weekend to all ;-)

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I've known a few guys who had it done. Duke Bahn in Ventura has done many over the years, so I've met several of his patients. One concern they've expressed is that because multiple treatments are often needed, they don't know how to use PSA to detect when there is a recurrence. (With focal cryo, one has persistent PSA and the number is different in every case - there is no PSA threshold for success or recurrence.)

There are many concerns that you should be aware of before you commit:

There are several different kinds of focal ablation that are being experimented with. Jonathan Coleman at Sloan is their expert. I hope you also talk to Dr. Zelefsky there.


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