Muse and oral sex

My partner is considering trying muse. Will it be safe for me to suck him if he uses this and will it taste. Other option is a pump as he does't fancy the injections. Any of you guys experience of this



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  • The use of MUSE in couples engaging in oral sex has not been tested. The goal of the MUSE clinical studies has been improvement in erectile function resulting in sexual intercourse. During the course of these studies, anecdotal reports of bitter taste, experienced by a few partners, was reported by investigators who presumed that it was associated with oral sex.

    The active ingredient in MUSE is alprostadil, a chemically identical version of the naturally occurring prostaglandin E1 (PGE1) found in semen.

    About 80% of alprostadil administered by MUSE is absorbed from the urethra within ten minutes after administration. Although alprostadil from MUSE is found in the ejaculate, human semen is a rich source of prostaglandins.

    Since prostaglandin causes blood vessels to dilate, partners of patients using MUSE who engage in oral sex before maximal absorption has occurred may be exposed to the blood vessel dilating effects of alprostadil contained "

  • Yes I have already read this article on the internet but was hoping to hear from people with real experience.

  • My husband and I have tried muse mostly so I could penetrate him but omg, my cock felt like it was gonna explode! He sucked on me after (which was at least 30 minutes later) and never experienced any taste or side effects. Because of the weird feeling I haven't tried it since. Good luck.

  • Thanks, how bad was your ed. Just wondering because it made you that hard. My partners ed is really bad even viagra only gives him little more than a semi which lasts 10 minutes at the most.

  • Radical surgery was almost 6 years ago now and my ed was very bad. The regular pills didn't do much for me at that time so we tried the muse. I didn't want to do the injections either! All these years I've imposed on myself what I call my "therapy". I've used pumps just to keep up the stretching and blood flow but not actually for the sex. My cock, even with the ring that comes with the pump, wouldn't stay pumped and went down pretty fast. Now years later, after playing with cock rings, ball strecthers and jelking (check that out on youtube) my cock gets harder but of course I've accepted the fact that it'll never be like it was. I can now penetrate my husband and foreplay lasts longer (to loosen him up!) But unfortunately no more quickies because it takes me too long to get it ready!

  • Thanks, pleased to hear you have made progress. Know what you mean about quickies I have had to accept those days are over but we are desperate for a solution. He is seeing nurse on 24th to discuss options available which seem to be muse, injections or pump. As I said we don't like the sound of injections so it's either muse or the pump. Did you try the pump along with viagra.

  • I save the pills for when we attempt 'real' sex! When you first start using a pump I woudn't do it with the pill, you can damage your cock! The pressure may be too much. I'll pump a couple hours before sex ( we kind of have to plan it now) and then take a pill like regular. Like I said earlier, it's been almost 6 years and my cock can probably take more abuse than others, lol! I've even learned to be a pretty good bottom because I'm not giving up.

  • Know what you mean about planning it, there is a big age difference between us he is 79 I am 54 and problems started before his diognosis with prostate cancer. He 18 month or so post radiotheropy and psa steady at 0.1 so thank god for that. But have had to plan sex for many years now. Only ever tried the pills which now have stopped working so what about the pump if he has a semi with the pills.

  • Just be careful in the beginning because you can pop blood vessels and things.... I actually have a little scar just below my head on the shaft because I pumped too much! Luckily it's kind of sexy.

  • Ok thanks and hope things go well for you two

  • Hi John. Sorry but i have no idea what Muse is. But I agree with him on the Pump. I don't have a partner so couldn't be a real good resource for this.

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