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I went back for my yearly checkup with my urologist in December. I have considered a penike implant for some time, had my list of questions for him. We talked, he answered all of my 15+ questions, and now wants me to try sildinafil (generic viagra) for a while to see if it works. He said that since I get erections every night, that indicates my nerves have healed and I should be able to maintain an erection hard enough and long enough for sexual intercourse. I have had large, hard erections with the pills, just not when my wife and I try to have sexual intercourse. I wake up at night with them! I have all the side effects from the pills except for staying hard for 3-4 hours. I get the stuffed up nose, rapid heartbeat, and headaches, etc. Have any of your doctors suggested trying the pills instead of the implant, when that is what he talked about for the past two years? He said I should be able to get hard and stay that way for intercourse and have orgasms as a result. Do I have a mental block about being able to get hard when I'm with my wife? Any suggestions?

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  • That should read penile implant......

  • That's a delicate question! Does your wife excite you sexually? It's possible you are in love with her but that there is no sexual attraction.

  • That is not it at all. I still am very attracted to her sexually, and get a little hardness just being around her. I think she is a little reluctant because she doesn't want me to be upset if nothing happens, although I try to assure her that just being intimate with her, lying beside her naked, having foreplay and manually giving her an orgasm is satisfying for me. I sometimes get almost hard enough for penetration, but not always. I have had orgasms, and just before that I will almost get completely hard, and the orgasms are very intense. I'm going to keep trying!!

  • if you get hard other times the best guess would be it's not a physical problem, but a psychological one. Since you are attracted to her, it's not that. I know that after I had an RP my sexual self-confidence was pretty much destroyed, independent of any ability or inability to stay hard (and it was true I didn't get or stay as hard as I had before). It can be really difficult to sort these things out. They're embarrassing and who the hell wants to deal with them.

    I'm no psychologist or counselor, but talking this out with other men who have gone through it or with a professional could help. Sex is such a great thing, and it sounds like you should be able to have it and are physically capable or having it. I hope you figure it out.

  • You do get erections! That is great A penile implant is a major step. Once done there is NO going back. Consider very wisely.

  • As individuals we can have different responses to the how the various ED meds. I get much less side effects from cialis than viagra and it seems to work better for me. If viagra doesn't suit you maybe try the other ED medication options before you resort to the invasive option of surgery.

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