Prostate Cancer And Gay Men

Howdy guys I'm Le'roy Trehern I'm cancer free I don't think the world needed another me so I'm happy to be here an alive. Please don't b shy

Howdy guys I'm Le'roy Trehern I'm cancer free I don't think the world needed another me so I'm happy to be here an alive. Please don't b shy

Howdy folks I'm Le'roy Trehern from the woods of South mississippi nothing special I'm a bona-fide plumber by trade worked offshore as a roust about an back scratcher..wen your 5 ft 6 on an oil rig being short has lots of uses...haha

My doc found my psa at over 9..the biopsy all were bad. ..

Cancer in my family is a death sentence,.so the choice was fast an easy

Rip it out...but rip they dud they ripped the pee cum it's stuck...

Yup..bout 5.5 feet because I'm a dum Redneck. .I ensured it so I could tell my doc.

HD gave me an 80 20 leg pee bag I'm stuck. ..

But I'm Alice an cancer free..except fer the skin cancer..

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Nice photo. Did your doctor suggest a mechanical sphincter?


Hey..dang I thought I replied. ...pardon my lack if big concussion..from my car wreck. . my doc said says my valve Thang was really tore pee squirts bout 5 feet. 16 years I've been injecting I'm sooooooooo happy with this way...btw...

4 er 5 hours ..?

He gave me a 80 20 a pee bag o. My leg..? I see others have done this an are ok..dang I list an inch in length already from 7.5 to 7.the thickness is still 6.5 I'm so afraid of letting any doctor touch me again. .

I get confused so easy. ..he might be just petting my head?

I like him alot an trust him..

I no I oughta get another say so..but that's hours away..

Just being in a car er washing dishes i get bad flashbacks seeing the dashboard coming at me.

Call me a fradie

I'm really ok unless it's gonna mess up

To answer you in simple words I'm scared of it getting smaller or nit working at all?

I'm not some good looking stud er young buck..

I'm 50 years old hiv positive. ...ending a 10 year long term abuse Thang?

I don't have much to offer the next my life....?

I think......?

So yea I'm scared to death. .l

Unless it's gonna tear it up more I'd rather wait...

It's rare if ever I cum any more anyway...

My way of thinking my needs during sexdon't matter in sex..?

I'm happy that way my hole life..?

Again please forgive my dum way of answering you....

I talk way easier then pushing thoughts thru my fingers..?

Thankyou fer caring though...Le'roy Trehern


Welcome, Le'roy.




HOW DOES one post a photo on here?


Hey its looks like when your on your profile page I thank there's only 2 pics you can put here...they get cut in half badly...there's a dog under me on my profile page...I recon I'm on my tablet an not my 24 inch desktop....?

I'm not good at this kinda stuff...looking fer a pic fer here was hard to do...hehe

If you have a free drop box you can always add. The pic link from it like here..?


I think I was able to post a photo of me and note. Can you see it?


Yes very much your a Stunningly Handsome man...yes photo. .wow..

I'm really happy you diden gave complications from your surgery..

Your job I'm sure has your plate full without problems...

I'm honered to have met you..

Wow great photo...

Le'roy Trehern


I am glad you have also survived this tortuous event. So you are single as well? Do you also have The ED thing? Le'roy?


I do an yes...but my ed was from the car wreck in 2000 the pills are ok for if I. Alone..but so costly. ..the injection came from a doc right after my operation on my spine..telling me there was no hope for it..the injection is second nature now..I use it daily sometime 2 scar ..yes it's great..ok..yes I'm kinda hyper an always ready..I'm ashamed but heck I've always been this way

I thought every guy was..? But now I see jobs have been high stress offshore or running a Lumber yard..60 70 hour week..I'm sure yours is stressful. Ps I looked up wat you do..?sorry..I read things I case later?

I don't retain things but photos stick in my head..yours sticks..hehe gotta trust a guy with zero short term w can't lie lol...

I'm blown away your single. .tho..

Thankyou for taking the time to rite me I'm flattered. ...

Le'roy Trehern


happy to hear everything went well for you


Thanks from all of you guys...yup I'm happy single an yup for me I no its a personal Thang the injections are all I no.they are do much less money then the pills by less then half price.3 er 4 bucks not even that. ..I recon,...I guess we are all different...?

You guys emailing me no its no problem I'm happy to send you the video there is one online of a doctor injecting a piece of fruit I think ut e lacks telling some things but the cost I recon is why I haven't looked fer another way...

Thankyou guys just the same...

Le'roy Trehern


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