I'm new to this site but participated on the the previous site. 71 years old, prostate removed three years ago by davinci method. Still undetectable but continue dealing with incontinence issues. Apparently not bad enough to warrant an artificial sphincter but still frustrating. I continue with kegles and exercises recommended in "Beyond Kegels" without seeing any real progress. I wear a pad at night and anytime I play tennis or go for extended walks. Sex life has been impacted from fear of leakage. Would appreciate any feedback from others with similar "issues", particularly suggestions of other things I might try to get better control. Robert

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  • Some guys get relief with a sling - a less invasive procedure, but not as effective as an AUS. For the urinating at orgasm (climacturia), some guys say that limiting fluid intake (especially coffee, alcohol, and fruit juices) and a tight cockring can help. Also, try to stay on your back, and don't move around too much during sex.

  • I've pretty much given up any liquid that contains caffeine and drink alcohol very seldom. Really need to cut back on liquids in the evening to help get through the night a little drier. I've never tried a cockring and think it may be time to experiment. Thanks Robert

  • Try switching to non-caffeine products, and also limit your fluid intake well before you know when you are going to have sex. Also make you go pee before hand. My incontinence was bad enough to warrant an AUS implant. Hope that all this helps you. Good Luck.

  • Hello Robert, I have used and it helped me a lot an I think it will for you. Exercise your kegels with weights. Go to look for the male training. This is different than anything I had seen but it works. Showed it to my doctors before I got it and they liked it and took the information for other patients. Wish you the best.

    Michigan Jim

  • Thanks Jim--I went to the web site and looked and may give it a try. Will let you know. Robert

  • I ended up having not an artificial sphincter but male sling surgery, which helped about 90%; I still wear a pad for very small leaks. But it's a hell of a lot better than before. I know others have not had as good as an experience as I did with this second surgery but I'm glad I did it. It was a temporary setback on sexual functioning recovery but worth it, because the situation before was an impediment to being sexually active for me anyway.

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