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Minor setback with Incontinence


Hey Fellas, so i wanted to report it has been 8-days since catheter removal and the first 4-5 days I was really surprised by no symptoms of incontinence. However, since I am getting back to life and becoming more and more active, i have notice minor leakage and almost had an accident in bed a couple nights ago. Im still grateful to be healing though. Lastly, has anyone experienced constipation in the weeks after surgery? I was feeling backed up and finally took a laxative, but thought maybe you all would know more about this. Thanks in advance for any info.

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I experienced the same in regards to continence loss after a few days of catheter removal. I gained full continence a couple of months after this.

Good luck with your recovery.

Thanks so much Paulo, I am staying positive and determined to have a full recovery.

Hello Dream,

I had a RP in 2011. My experience was the same as Paulo. Seven years later, incontinence is not much of an issue. Although, there are rare occasions when I have a minor drip. My biggest issue to date is ED and less than satisfying climaxes.

Good for you, congratulations. On constipation my doc recommended stool softener pills, did the job well for me.

took some stool softeners and I think Im all good now

I think it's usually from the pain meds! Congrats on everything!

Thanks for the tip. Although I haven't been on medication since the removal about 9 days ago. Perhaps symptoms last longer than expected. I think Im all good now.

Incontinence setbacks are pretty routine--you sound like you are doing really well on it, however, and you are very early on. Don't get discouraged. By the way, in my experience, you are more likely to have leakage if you are constipated and packed. And, yes, constipation is common, especially if you are still taken any pain meds and/or meds to discourage incontinence.

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