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It’s getting worse. I vaguely remember my oncologist saying it could be worse after radiation. I‘ve tried the clamp. I go through 2-3 guards a day. When I have wine, I go to bed and soak through my underwear, the sheets, and mattress. It’s very embarrassing. I just bought a new waterproof mattress cover.

Very stressful. Thanks for letting me leak.

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People tell me it gets better with time but it has not been anything I have expected.

Sorry you're having such a problem. Wish I could help. Tall_Allen may have a suggestion.

I’m in a similar situation to you. Incontinence has gotten worse after radiotherapy. I’m looking at conveen catheter’s. They go over your penis like a condom and to a leg bag. Urologist not crazy about an operation for a pelvic sling as I’ve had both surgery & radiotherapy. Tried many different types of medication but nothing worked and I think they only make a slight difference anyway. Best of luck.

I feel your pain. I am experiencing the sane thing 3 yrs out from a RP. It is very disheartening and shaming.

I have an AUS (Artificial Urinary Sphincter) device surgically implanted It works. I still use a light pad a day. I know someone who did the sling, Did not help. If you want further info, just ask.

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Thanks for your response. I really don’t want another surgery but it’s tempting. Does AUS have to be replaced every 10 years? What was the recovery like? So you press a “ball” to go? Do you just press it whenever you want or only when you have to go? I am hesitant about putting something foreign in my body. Pads seem to be the best way to be natural.

Thanks again!

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I’m thinking of doing a quick spray of cologne in that area...

The surgery of course was not pleasant. The recovery more than I anticipated. It has been a few years so I'm just reaping the benefits and forgotten about the recovery. The return was well worth it for me. The "ball" is in your testicle and you press it when you want to evacuate your bladder. The device does have a ten year or so life. It can be as little as 8 or so and up to 15 generally. I went to Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center for the procedure. I couldn't be happier about it. It is just such an improvement in my life. I can go out and not need to carry a 6 pack of heavy pads. I can lift things without the inevitable squirt. It just worked out well for me. I too had hesitation about a foreign object in the body. It was just weird. But if your incontinence isn't interfering with the rest of your life. I get it. Best of luck. Shout out if I can weigh in or clarify any further.

FWIW First I do not have a leakage problem so this may not work for you. But I have had a problem with crotch rot from wetness due to hot flashes.

2 things solved that problem for me: I now use Irish Spring soap and I use Topp Cock Silver leave on gel after I shower. The gel is antibacterial and has a nice smell. Keeps me fungus free and odor free. YMMV

Oh, and use a very small amount at a time -- if I put it on too thick I find it dries a little sticky so I use a couple of small dabs to complete the task.

You might learn a lot more about urinary incontinence conditions and options following initial prostate cancer treatments by watching this informative video from an expert at MSKCC.

Locally, if you may live in the Reston, VA area, a referral to a Physical Therapist who specializes in men's Pelvic Floor rehabilitation might also be an option to consider.

Here is one. There may be others.

Good Luck!

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Thanks. I’ve done the physical therapy deal. Maybe I’ll give it another shot.

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