Hi, I'm John Linscheid. Just turned 63I was diagnosed with prostate cancer in April 2014 (Gleason score 7) and had a radical prostatectomy in July 2014 (due ot a history of Crohns disease and a liver transplant, radiation has not been deemed a safe option). In April 2015, my PSA jumped from undetectible, has since leveled off, and is now slowly rising. I am currently at 0.94. I am being followed by Dr. Naomi Haas at the Abramsom Cancer Center at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania. Dr. Haas plans to hit me with Lupron when my PSA rises above 1.0. My partner (now husband) of 32 years has been extremely supportive--but then he's gotten used to dealing with medical crap from his loving hunny, I'm afraid. I feel great and we are determined to do some traveling and other fun stuff now that we're both retired. Although I did not post much to the group on the yahoo groups list, it has been a lifeline of information and a great source of support over the last two years. So glad I googled "gay men cancer" and found a link in a article that turned up.

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  • Hi John I also found the yahoo group to be helpful. From my ten minutes on this, I can see how this can be even better. I tried using the search and found information about urinary incontenence that I wasn't aware of. As you can tell from my name, we are sort of neighbors. I am not yet fully out, but find that my prostate cancer affects the way I think about myself as a Gay man.

  • Hi neighbor!  I've had a lot of medical issues and generally took them in stride, but when I got prostate cancer I got really freaked out about it destroying my sex life and realized how much it affected me as a gay man. I got through that with the strong support of my partner and several close gay friends.  And now I'm being more sexual (although limited in various ways) than before my surgery.  The surgery and its aftermath triggered some good self-examination that was very helpful.

  • You are a kindred spirit. I am hoping to start a gay PC support group in NJ. Perhaps you would consider attending. Surprised to be saying that having had robotic surgery in 3/16 has actually renewed my interest in sex. Made me horny again. Maybe it is wanting what I can't have. Not back to where I would like to be, but I am seeing some real improvement with erections. Trying to stay optimistic about all this.

  • Where in NJ? This definitely sounds interesting. I am limited some to using public transit because certain vision limitations keep me from driving. But a gay PC support group would be nice. I'm pretty upfront about my limitations and have still had some pretty good sex with guys even knowing that. Like you, I am seeing improvements and being upbeat along the way.

  • I am working on this with a fellow traveler from Red Bank so we are hoping to have meetings in his area and mine which is more north central NJ near Morristown so public transportation for you wouldn't seem to be an option. Maybe Uber? Anyway, wishing you good health and lots of good sex.

  • Same to you. And hope the group formation goes well.

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