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please allow me to introduce myself...

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my name is Tim and I live in Music City USA, Nashville TN.... I am a 59 year old gay white male and about 5 years ago during a routine physical my PSA came back high and my Dr ordered a MRI and a biopsy on my prostate and I was diagnosed with Gleasons 6 prostate cancer, on placed on active surveillance. Every year in Dec i get a MRI and in January I get a biopsy, and every 4 months I see my Dr for a physical and prostate exam and PSA test. I have joined several groups in facebook but they are just not for me, I came across this one and want to see what it’s all about ....

16 Replies
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Welcome to this community, Tim.

Outstanding wise and compassionate men here to support you on your journey.

Im not an md but sounds like you are doing all the right things.

Tim in Denver

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thanks Tim, looking forward to sharing and listening....

Hello. I recently “joined” and this seems to be a good place to keep in touch with and know That you are not alone. Welcome

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hey Mr.....thanks for the welcome, looking forward to chatting with you

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Welcome Tim, I am also on active surveillance, gay, and FABULOUS! I have been on therapy for PCa for eleven years and now I am 73 years old. I am cancer free at this time. I use this site as a barometer to reflect how I am doing, meet friends with similar experiences, and get new ideas about the little things that made my recovery better. I hope they are putting you to sleep when they do biopsies, because it really hurts. In the eleven years I have had only three biopsies. So above everything else always remember to just keep truckin'.

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Hey Jim.....I bet you are FABULOUS, and congrats on being cancer free....and no, I am not asleep during the biopsies but my butt is very numb, and yes it still hurts and with the pressure from the Artemis machine, and the way the Doc shoves and grinds it in, it feels more like what I imagine a gang rape would feel like.....and bleed, holy shit talk about bleeding...… anyway, looking forward to chatting with you again

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When I had the 12 needles the first time I remember it was very painful, yet I remember asking the doctor if maybe he had a thirteenth needle? (I was getting turned on)! Yet being asleep is a better way. So we can't discuss your recovery without your PSA numbers and if they are going up or not. The PSA tells us how often your prostate cells (and cancerous prostate cells) are sub-dividing. If you have metastatic cells they may also sub-divide in your body and increase your PSA. I had PCa for 4 years before it metastasized. PCa is a slow growing cancer, but we all have keep watching it, because it can take off full steam ahead for no apparent reason. Remember to keep asking questions, and we all have different cancers in different places in the prostate, different insurances, different other diseases, different doctors, and different ages. With all of these differences we still have much in common. In the last 10 years new drugs have hit the market with much success. They are expensive. Medical insurance is needed and you need to call your carrier if a doctor wants to use a certain drug or therapy to find out the cost. Meanwhile stay as healthy as possible with a low sugar healthy diet. You want a good immune system. (Not including the sugar in your tank). Above everything else just remember to keep on truckin'.

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This is definitely the best place to learn, significantly better than Facebook. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask. It does sound like you are "active" in your surveillance which is very important. Don't let the PCa escape the capsule. Good luck.

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and thanks to you, and I will take you up on the asking part......

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Wishing you a warm welcome. I had robotic surgery about 1.5 yrs ago and cancer free. I found this to be a safe place.

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Hello Tim. As I read your journey I kept checking the name on your profile to make sure I wasn’t reading my own words. Except for our location our stories are identical. Although I’ve never joined a group in Facebook. Never thought to do so. I found this group and it was all I needed. Like you I hate having the biopsy done. Even though my doctor numbs the area it still hurts like hell. My PSA tends to fluctuate up and down from 4 To 7 which is the highest it’s gotten. I have no one to talk to about this I’ve only told a few people and at times I feel so alone. Well it’s 1 am so I gotta hit the sack. I have to wake up in 3 hours for work. You take care and I hope to hear from you soon.

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Hey Sam.....just like looking in the mirror aint it, I don't announce that I have PC but the word is getting around and I have found out that several of my customers have it, love to chat with you more if you get time.....

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Welcome to the group. Everyone can relate in one way or another. I would just caution against taking medical advice from people who are not doctors and who have not examined you.

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Hey Spence, its very interesting talking to these guys, the different ways everybody is dealing with it.....and I am only gonna listen to my Doctor....

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Welcome. Your Gleason 6 and watchful waiting is a good place to be, considering. I think many men on this site wish that was their situation. You're in a good place.

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