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PCa and now bladder cancer and kidney problems.


I was diagnosed with PCa over two years ago and I remain hormone sensitive with Lupron shots, and Zytiga + p.

But the last month has been terrible. Passing urine became so difficult that Mayo urologist put in a Foley catheter 30+ days ago. I don’t like it but hey, I’m not getting up to pee 4-5 x / night, and not using 2 Depends every day. On the other hand I’ve already had two UTIs.

But this post is about what has happened over the last week. Cystoscope showed discoloration so last week they put me out and biopsied it and burned the rest. It was bladder cancer. But 5 days after that I went to the ER with terrible flank and buttocks pain. L Kidney wasn’t working so well, so they admitted me, and saw a stricture and discharged me yesterday. Later this week I get (1) nuclear renal scan, (2) CT urogram exam; and (3) some kind of uruflow study. They are figuring out if bladder cancer spread (they think they got it all), and figuring out what is with the kidney and whether they need to put in a stent. Also whether foley will be permanent.

And, at the same time, I have a severe stenosis at L4-L5, causing continual buttocks pain, sometimes terribly so, but Mayo doesn’t want to deal with it until kidney bladder figured out.

Result is I’m in continual pain. Cant take many things because of kidney issue, but living off tramadol and aspirin. Not enjoying myself at all.

I’m curious as to whether any of you PCa veterans have later found bladder cancer or kidney problems. I’m wondering if hormone therapy messed up my kidneys and is related to bladder cancer.

I’m also wondering what you do about stenosis. I’m reading about laminectomy. My quality of life isn’t so good and I got to figure all these things out. Ideas for pain radiating down both buttocks?

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I wish I knew something useful for you. Is there a bladder cancer forum you can ask those questions on. Have you hada germline genomics test? If you have a BRCA mutation, a PARP inhibitor may be useful in treating both cancers. Also worth getting a somatic genomics test (like Foundation One) on the bladder cancer tissue to see if it is MSI-hi/dMMR.

KJMinPhx in reply to Tall_Allen

I did have a full battery of genetic testing from Mayo and I have no cancer related mutation.

you do not need to live in pain ..... tell doctor forget about tamadol you need something strong ..... im a believer in quality of life .... you are not going to turn into a herion addict .... take opiods and take some strongs. one aka oxycontin ..its not the cure but it will help you get thru they pain .... doctors are scared to write these go to pain doc if you have to .... im not advocating opiods so all you people do not chew me out ... but there comes a time in which they should be used.. they are a great drug if used and administred properly

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