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Is 0.012(3months post op) PSA to 0.024 after 6 months a significant rise?


Can it be a lab specific interval where 0.012 is the lowest detectable and 0.024 is next factor? Obviously will have to wait for next test, but it still looks a bit concerning this quick after RP. First read was while recovering from surgery and this one after 3 months of working (he does physical labor). I assume testosterone levels would rise after doing nothing to being up to 8 hours a day on feet and lifting heavy objects. Would this be relevant in PSA rising and have little to do with future recurrence? Thanks!

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What did the doctor say?

If the tests were done by different labs they could come up with different results. This is a small change and could be do to irritation or inflammation around the area of surgery. Don't panic.

You should think of anything below 0.03 as insignificant. It has nothing to do with testosterone levels.

Much more concerning is his lymph node status - did you ever get that cleared up?

Listen to Tall Allen, he knows about this and much more. To me this slight rise is insignificant and it points out that the "ultrasensitive PSA" test may be a little too sensitive. Are the results you have , < (less than)spelled out? A "regular PSA" might indicate a 0.01 rise to 0.02, but both still regarded as undetectable if both are less than. Mine was less than 0.06 and still regarded as undetectable at the time, as this was the lowest my particular lab could reliably measure. My advice, don't worry!

Wings aka Dan

What is your PSA now and did you get another reading at a later time?


Well my situation is a lot different than most, Dx with Advanced PC back in 2012. 70-80% involvement Gl 4+3 in two cores, PSA was 71, PC mets or "spots"detected in spine,ribs,femur. So no RP , no Radiation, straight to Lupron and now Zytiga for 68 months, PSAs every three months for the past 8 years, the last 66 months I have been undetectable. Hanging in there, way past my Dx "expired" date!

Ok... I didn't know your back story. How's your energy on .

My colleague's dad has stage 4 PVa and went to ABIRATERONE, ACEINTE and PREDNISONE. Just diagnosed a year ago.

All the best!


Yes my energy level has really decreased. Even though I have stayed on my desk job for the past 8 years. My Onc feels I still am not disabled enough to claim disability. I do get tired after doing about 20 minutes of yard work at home, I just have to deal with it. I definitely need to exercise more and eat better , but it's hard to do.

Wings aka Dan

I exercise a lot and try to stay away from too much chocolate, cake. The benefits of exercise is hard to overemphasize.

I went from post RP PSA 0.01 for 11 months. At 11 and 14 months later I am 0.02. Yea, Tall Alan's counsel is solid.

I'm not going to sweat it after being a wreck for 6 months in the early days. My 2nd and 3rd urologist opinions were slow PSA doubling times starting from 0.01 are usually very effectively managed wo urgency. If my PSA would get to .09 time to plan b, but this may never happen. But no hurries.

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