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PSA falling from 15 to 11 over 6 months


I was originally diagnosed with PSA 12, the biopsy showed Gleason 7, 40% grade 4 component, age 67. Decided to abstain from any kind of treatment due to side effects. Over 1 year PSA went to 15, then 14 and then to 11.

What does it mean that PSA falls? Is it due to naturally falling testosterone level due to my age?

Best wishes to you all!

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It just means that you had some prostatitis. Do you monitor your testosterone levels?

Thanks for your swift reply.

Oh, I actually never thought about that possibility. My physician is a surgeon and mostly talks about what to cut away. And I want to keep everything.

Your reply makes me happy.

I dont actually have my testosterone measured, because I haven't felt any problems that seemed to be directly linked to testosterone falling.

Thanks again, and I wish everyone the best.

By only talking to a surgeon, you are getting his unknowledgeable point of view about side effects of other therapies. With your intermediate risk prostate cancer, there are many other therapies that may be able to cure you without those side effects. You have to make the effort to get out there and talk to the right specialists. At minimum, you should talk to a specialist in SBRT and high dose rate brachytherapy. Left untreated, this disease will kill you, unless you have comorbidities that will kill you more quickly.

I don't have an answer to they specific question, but PSA can fluctuate a lot and it may or may not be indicative of anything. If you have G7 with such a high percentage 4, I would think you should be under some treatment plan. PC doesn't go away on its own

Thanks for your reply. I am looking into what to do.

Best wishes.

I agree with Tall Allen that you should talk with someone who does high dose rate Brachytherapy and someone who does SBRT (or another radiation therapy).

How many biopsy cores were taken? How many cores had cancer and how much of each core was cancer?

10 cores were taken, there was found adenocarcinome in five left sided cores and one

"microfocus" in one of the right sided cores.

Ultrasound showed an area in the left side 22 mm wide, stretching from basis towards the apex.

PSA bounces around quite a bit, but with that much cancer of that grade, I think you are very likely to have big problems in less than10 years. I'd strongly encourage you to look into a radiation therapy now. They have vastly lower side effects than 15 years ago because the radiation is far more precisely targeted and brachytherapy delivers the radiation only inside the prostate.

Thanks for your evaluation. I will get engaged in our possibilities for brachytherapy (I live in Denmark) as soon as the holidays are over.


You may want to research HIFU as a treatment option. That is what I chose. Have you at least had follow up scans after your diagnosis? CT and bone scans. Don't just close your eyes and hope for the best.

Thanks for your reply. I'm not competent to evaluate HIPU.

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