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yup another new one

Hello i see a lot of problems my cancer jumped out of prostate went to lymph nodes,had 40 radiation treatments,then started lupron every 6 months,not one word about aggressive, psa 6 urologist said numbers looked good,first mistake, lets skip 2 sessions of lupron ,next psa 10,next got 2nd opinion, went to oncologist said aggressive went to left hip,surprise more radiation now on chemo, 6 times once a mo, needle with a bag. now numbers up to 20,anybody in west tn? don't see many here on chemo,yup sitting in shop,women loose hair,well lets try it.crap what a feeling hand full of hair.some first letter huh,old truck driver,later

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Hello oldsilverado,

I'm sorry to hear of your difficulties.

You might want to try to find a doctor with more expertise. Here is a link to the National Cancer Institute's recommended "Designated Cancer Centers". These are research hospitals where the docs are usually up on the latest treatments.

Chemo may help you. A different type of hormone therapy - Zytiga or Xtandi may also help. Ask the docs about them. If you experience a lot of bone pain in multiple places, another good treatment is called Xofigo. It involves injecting a radioactive element into your bloodstream that is attracted by bones.

I wish you the best. Take care.



If chemo is not helping, I would stop chemotherapy. There is an improved ADT drug that won't cause a surge of Testosterone which needs to be injected correctly under the skin (never in a vein) every month. It hardens after injection to allow slow release of the drug over 30 days. If injected wrong, it will wear off much sooner and cause a lot of pain. The manufacturer will send a nurse to do your first injection and train your provider. The Testosterone should drop below 40 in 3 days, and the PSA may drop much lower but not as quickly.


Why is it that in 2018, 50 years since the moon shot, internet everywhere, cell phones, electronic data storage and streaming, soft wear of every kind, numerous improvements in consumer goods, that our doctors have multiple different methods to diagnose and treat the SAME disease. Granted, patients differ some but surely there is agreement at the level of national specialty societies and teaching centers which give guidance to the doctors "in the trenches." As a physician myself, I have seen this throughout my career and see it commonly in this site where guys are getting various different approaches to the same disease. Different types of radiation, surgery, advice, chemo/hormone plans, diagnosis, follow up, even when the staging and Gleason scores are the same. I know medicine is an "art" but this looks more like many doctors are not current in training and practice. I have seen doctors who resist new technology and hang on to what has "worked" for them in the past, which denies the patient of best treatment. Being a doctor is hard work but it seems to me there should be a way to help all doctors do better with the help of their specialty societies/ teaching centers. Trying different treatments belongs in the research centers. To oldsilverado: I have had the same problems you have and I get good treatment since I am a doctor. No one is immune to this random subjective antiquated system. To all: be suspicious, learn, question, second opinions. Protect your self. Deal with the problem as best you can but remember to find ways of enjoying the life you have. Whatever it takes.


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