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Hi my name is Rhody this is my first post. I was diagnosed with prostate cancer in May of 2017. My father died from metastatic PC in 1991and I had routine PSAs and digital exams since then. My PSA during a regular exam in Dec. 2016 was 5.86, after several rechecks I had a biopsy in May 2017, where cancer was found in 2 of 8 samples. My Gleason score was 4+5, aggressive cancer and after talking with my urologist and reading this blog and another I decided to have a robotic prostatectomy. I had surgery August 31, had little pain from the surgery and surgeon thought the cancerr was contained in the gland. I had my first post op PSA in Dec 2017 which was 0.08. I continue to heal and have just a little leakage while trying to live mindfully and feeling lucky for the treatment i was provided.

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Thank you for the note! It is nice to hear from someone who beat the beast down. Hope that your PSA continues to stay below 0.1 for years to decades to come! The nice thing about prostate cancer (and you do have to look hard to say something nice about it) is all of the advances they are making for a cure. Thus, is your PSA or scans show that it has come back, hopefully there will be a new treatment. At least that is my hope.

Stay strong and thank you for sharing the news with your brothers and sisters here. Good news for one is good news for us all. After all, people like us we have to stick together.

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Hi RhodyV!

So Glad You Stayed Vigilant With Your Health Checks with your dad's prostate cancer history. Blessings Wished For Your Future.



Hi RhodyV, glad to hear you are doing well and PROUD OF YOU for having the courage and foresight to something about it. How old are you by the way? Age is very important in knowing what to do or what not to do with PCa. I was 52 at diagnosis and had open PCa surgery immediately following biopsy. I am now 77 AND STILL ALIVE!

I am active as a facilitator in a PCa support group and over the years since then, I have had recurring issues with rise in PSA, ED, and incontinence. BUT those issues were all taken care of successfully by talking to and listening to my doctors and taking advantage of the medically accepted options and remedies available. The whole point of telling you this is...., IF or WHEN an issue relating to your PCa shows up, DEAL WITH IT, rather than hope it goes away, BECAUSE IT WON'T. In my years of attending meetings I have seen more than a few men decide to do nothing or put off doing something until it's too late. Good luck and take care of yourself.


I'm 64, my father died when he was 61 and I thought I might have to deal with OC some time in my life. Thanks for the encouraging thoughts and I intend to stay on top of this


Way to go RhodyV! It sounds like you are on top of this. I had robotic prostatectomy at 52 in 2011. No radiation, no hormone treatments, no chemotherapy. Still PSA undetectable.


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