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Weight Loss

I've lost 7 lbs in the past month with no change of habits. My last PSA was two months ago and was lower than previous PSA.....around 4.9. I've had cancer for two years but no biopsy in 2016. Last biopsy had a Gleason of 3+3. Two years ago I had bone scans and MRI without any signs of metastasis. Should I be concerned? (Also experiencing recent elevation in BP with medication.)

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In general, I view weight loss as good, since "most people" are overweight, and cardio disease is a significant killer. Seven pounds in a month seems like a lot, yes, to be accomplished effortlessly.

It sounds like you were diagnosed in 2015, with a biopsy at that time. It IS true that people watching their 3+3 cancer usually are re-biopsied every 6 months, or every year. I don't think the loss of weight is concerning, but the lack of oversight is. Are you getting the newest trendiest thing of multi-parametric MRI imaging rather than biopsy? That would be different.

Here is a guy from UCLA talking about it:

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Thanks for the info

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I'd be a bit concerned about such a big weight loss without trying. Nothing to do with the prostate cancer - your PSA and Gleason score show that's small and will have had nothing to do with the weight loss. Only very large late stage prostate cancer causes weight loss. I suggest talking with your GP.


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