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Active Surveillance: Is this a good treatment?


50 year old. PSA 4.1. Diagnosed yesterday after a MRI and transperineal template biopsy. Gleason 6 (3+3). 35 cores taken, good lengths in all, 1 core with 1mm cancer found. Was told nothing to worry about - Consultant said that "we have found the needle in the haystack!!" Treatment: PSA test required every 4 months and maybe in two years a further MRI and then potentially another biopsy if things change. If PSA rises rapidly the treatment will change. Is this OK??

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Sounds like an excellent plan. Boy, it took 35 cores to find an insignificant amount of low grade PC! I doubt they will ever find it again.


It sounds like a great plan to me too. Treating the currently insignificant cancer could do a lot more harm to you than leaving it alone and watching it.

I was inclined toward AS but decided to do IGRT treatment because of medical insurance uncertainty for self-employed person.


That's good news, you can skip all the other stuff I told you.

With so many cores and only one positive it sounds like the biopsy might have removed most of it! But that's just a jest.

But yes, AS sounds like a good plan.

Since there's no screening programme for Prostate Cancer in the UK, there's probably lots of men walking around with more cancer cells than you, who just don't know it. So it's good that you are being "Actively" watched.

Just to forwarn you a little, having the PSA test so often may cause you some anxiety. It's very common to get anxious a short while preceding the test and until you get the result.

It helps to get the result as quickly as possible, so if you can, get online access to your GPs medical record. I can usually get it the next day.

But great news, I bet you're very relieved.

I agree with everyone else:

. . . Watch it, don't treat it yet.

And with decent luck, you won't have to _ever_ treat it.

. Charles


I think you are looking great.

"Let sleeping dogs lie." Small Gleason 6 lesions are sleeping dogs - treatment does more harm than the disease.

You have had the most thorough possible diagnosis and the best possible monitoring plan. I'm impressed.

What country are you in?

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