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Positive Wellbeing During Self-Isolation

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I really believed that Covid19 would bring out the best in folk

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Friends and good manners will carry you where money won't go. Good manners will open doors that the best education cant,and common courtesy is the key, for it costs nothing to be nice.

Sadly i am finding the opposite is happening,many people have become very rude and uncaring,and many 'friends' are proving to be anything but friendly and caring,and i would go as far as saying that some folk have become utterly ruthless.

Sometimes i just want to run away, and hide from the world of greed and avarice.

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Me too!

I certainly don't disagree with what you say secrets but I have noticed normally nice people seem to be changing and I really believe the past fourteen months with all the Covid worries and shielding etc has taken its toll too, with people losing loved ones and the isolation for some it's all taking effect now and of course, other health worries too where people can't actually see a GP or consultant as they normally would causing more worries about their health. It's all been such a nightmare.

Sadly, I tend to agree with you. The world is changing before our eyes.

I agree

Good Afternoon I hope you are well

You may be an extremely sensitive person like me so we can get easily offended

I realise that people can be innately good or just for themselves

Covid and Lockdown has only amplified and intensified this

I can understand your reasoning but there are some hidden gems out there , we just have to keep looking

If any one is hurtful or offensive to you , it is usually their own issues which are being projected outwardly

I also realise why you wish to run away but in your own time true and sincere people will shine through

Secrets, So touched by your opening paragraph because of its truth, I've copied it to share with my two young grandsons. Thank you!

Like you, I fervently hoped that the changes brought universally because of the pandemic would become the catalyst to unite us all.

While incredible feats of compassion and bravery on the parts of so many have brought inspiration to us all over this horrific time, more news coverage was given to that which points out the deepening divisions that separate us.

My little family has discussed renewing passports and getting them for our two youngest in the family. But then the question becomes: Where would we go to find more peace and safety?

Well, the crazy way I look at it, it's up to us so called indigo children and light workers to show people the way!!!!!

I agree, at the beginning of Covid it was , we are all in this together and everyone was helping each other, but I think the stress of the past year has got to everyone and made us all on edge about everything , wearing masks and keeping away for others it’s not natural , not being able to go on holiday or even have a day out with friends , they reckon that Covid has affected peoples mental health and it will take years to sort it out as well as not being able to have normal hospital and GP appointments.

I so agree on the benefits of good manners. I was raised by a military father. It was always manners, manners, manners. Yes, sirs and yes, ma’am’s. Open doors for your elders and don’t say anything if you don’t have anything nice to say. It did temporarily stint my individuality, but basically the lessons served me well in my life. I never attained wealth, but my manners helped me benefit from being accepted by people who could teach me many things I lacked. Your statements ring so true. As others here have said so sweetly, people have been under a lot of pressure for a long time and have acted very unlike they normally would have. Once the dust settles on this pandemic, I think we’ll see a change for the better. Until then, ever think of living off the grid? I certainly have. 😎❤️🏄‍♀️

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