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Positive Wellbeing During Self-Isolation

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I would like to ask about Bobby Bobb

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I hope you are all well

I am feeling quite isolated and lonely today and I remember Bobby Bobb how helpful and supportive she has been

I wonder if anyone knows why she is away from this site ?

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Hello Roukaya sorry your having bad day and I'm having a bit of a break from here as I have lot stuff going on and been out of sorts but just popped on and saw this so all I can say is I really hope you will try and go out for a brisk walk and somewhere nice to take some photos to put on as I'm going to get my walk today and I'm going to put my meditation C D on and I will send loving positive thoughts out to you and others on here I know it's not easy to meditate and stay positive sometimes but exercise as I mentioned before is a great way to feel better and help you relax take care 💛🌈🌟xxx

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Good post Curly, I think we are all feeling so stressed with everything going on around us, best thing is try not to dwell on things, keep busy even if only going for a walk as you say, I try and make a list of what I’m going to do each day and tick things off as I do them , it gives a purpose to the day, today I must write my Xmas cards so I can post them tomorrow, which is not too easy because of arthritis in my hands , my OH says he’ll write them but I’m determined to do them myself, I’ll get there some time today. 😳 LOL

as you say we must stay positive👍😊

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Know how you feel. I made the mistake of buying thick wrapping paper and I can’t feel my fingers because of heart tablets! Between you the paper and the sellotape I have been wrestling all morning. I think they would have looked better left in carrier bags! 😱🙄🥺. Still it’s the thought that counts! xx

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👍my sympathies 😊 lol

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Hi thanks dext, and thanks again for yesterday chat, im still having a break from here even though I'm on haha well im not going through any more posts today, I felt compelled to come on and have quick look, and I havnt had much of a break from my phone messaging as my best friend in hull and my niece have been concerned and messaging more, my niece invited us for Xmas dinner but obviously we can't it would mess our visas up trying eat with them on and be turkey and gravy all over the screen krikie, I hope you get your cards done I havnt even thought about it yet my mam was given some exercises for her thumbs there bad right now with winter but she doesn't do them she mentioned it other day I'll try get her to do them I have a bit with mine from too much woodwork with screwdriver and pots at work and heavy plants but as long as I don't over use I'm fine, I'm still getting messages coming in on here so I'll still keep popping on take care hope your snug and warm I'm getting ready to face the elements after my mince pie mam made yesterday, she's busy in kitchen now 😊🐆💛🌈🌟xx

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Mydexter, I also list 3 tasks to do each evening for the ff day. Gives me a new daily purpose and along with jotting down daily gratitudes and taking walks when I can, it keeps me on a level plane.

It is up to each of us to find that which will bring a smile to our days and an upbeat "take" on our life at present. Not always easy but no one else can do it for us and we are each worth the effort.

Why not message her? Then she can tell you herself...

I expect Denise is taking a breather: she's always so giving, so willing to support so many of us here that she may well need some time to herself.

Sometimes, those who expend so much energy on helping others, as Denise does, find themselves depleted of energy themselves.

Of late, she's truly been absorbed in her unique art and it may well be that she'd like to focus on that for the time being.

It's wonderful to discover or rediscover a passion! It adds such dimension and meaning to life...

On the few occasions I've popped on to HU just recently, I've noticed Denise's absence and I've missed her being her usual constructive and affectionate self, but I don't want to intrude: I assume she will be back once she has recouped to some extent - or when she has time!

I'm sure there are others here who are more than willing to support you on days when you are feeling more isolated and lonely than usual.

Good evening I hope you are well

I realise you have your health issues and I thank you

for replying to my post

I think it is the loneliness and isolation coupled with a demanding mother who behaves like a child

I live far from Mum and I have a resit to prepare for as I passed the other paper

I do not wish to talk too much about myself as many on here are aware of my own issues

I hope you are keeping well

@Roukaya, you may have missed Denise's last post (15 days ago, titled "Going Underground". I am copying it below. It is clear that she was/is busy preparing for two painting competitions.

Going Underground

"Hi everyone, I haven't been around much this week

I've been very busy. I am working flat out painting and started my first oil painting this week, it's not finished yet. The train painting is done in acrylics and took two days to complete.

The reason I have been so busy with painting is because there are two major competitions coming up and I am trying to get up to standard in order to enter them.

So, I am still about, it's just that painting has taken over everything a bit at the moment. Have a great weekend everyone. I will be painting all weekend. 👍😘😊"

There's your answer!

Thanks for your replyI must have missed the post

Much appreciated

I have a resit in a months time so I am kept occupied in my own little world

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Hi , there nice to see you posting , and don’t forget Bobbybobb had a bad fall a few weeks ago didn’t she and that’s probably knocked her for six , she’s probably having a long earned rest while enjoying her painting , hopefully she’ll be back with us soon 😃👍

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Fortunately, she's engaged in something rather nicer than recovery! Take a look at my last response to Roukaya: Denise has been taking time out to prepare for two painting competitions!

What a woman!

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Yes I did know, Great isn’t it, we said all along that she should go for it 👍😃

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GhoundsReading Rabbits

I was thinking about her earlier. I know she has been very absorbed with her painting.

Maybe you should give art a try? You might find a new talent you didn't know you had!

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I find gentle walking helps rain or shine!


Good question ⁉️

hi Roukaya;

this is the sad thing about the anonymity of being behind an alias, with no real contact information.

if someone stops visiting, or the site goes down - poof - everyone you've become friendly with disappears without a trace...


it'd be nice, if the site allowed an easy way to reveal email addresses to a defined class or group... but i suppose there's always a DM and manual exchange...

problem is - we rarely think about how fleeting these contacts can be - and don't even think to do such an exchange.


i see you were lucky, and someone else actually knew... glad you got some resolution!


but for the rest - if ya got 'em - exchange 'em. (before it's too late :-( )

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