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At last I can get out.

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Travelling restrictions in Wales have been lifted. Walking gear on , get in to car and drive up to the Brecon Beacons and get caught in road hold up because the are resurfacing the road, Aargh.

So a bit later drove past Pen-y-Fan and dropped down to Libanus to go to the Mountain Centre in the Hope that the car park would be open. Good news! Car park open and it is currently free.

Better still, the toilets were open as well and staff were available to supervise entry. I believe that take away food will be available from Friday. Gear on and off to walk to Twyn-y Gaer, a nice easy walk with outstanding views pf the Brecon Beacons, the Black Mountains and a blast of fresh air. Watched a red kite riding the wind and had a drink and a snack and kept a very wary eye on the grey boiling storm clouds that were creeping over the hills to the North.

Back to the car, Drove over to Hirwaun and up over the Rhigos, with a stop at the top to admire the views and avoid the temptations of the Ice cream van. Drop down through the forests and the wind farms, with tremendous views right, left and centre.

Back through old fashioned villages in the Rhondda valley that still have shops and lots of people out and about, to arrive back at home just before the rain, Weather forecast spot on . All good fun. Roll on the weekend.

18 Replies
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Sounds like an absolutely wonderful day and it's great Wales has opened up again. 👍

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So pleased for you! I cannot imagine being restricted to 5 miles all this time! Hope you get some decent walking weather xx

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It was really hard I can tell you 👎 where can you go within 5 miles

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Especially in Wales! xx

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I live in Wales so I know exactly how hard it was lol. As it’s so rural, 5 miles is nothing.

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Brilliant. You have been unleashed now. There will be no stopping you. Lucky you. x

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Well, you certainly had a good day out lanc2. You were lucky the crowds werent out like they were a while back as The Beacons are so popular! I assume you have been to the top of Pen y lan. It's a view to die for.

You sound like a regular walker so now that the restrictions are lifted where are you planning your next walk? One of Derek, The Weathermans, perhaps. I enjoy watching his walks on TV as you have the opportunity to see the beauty of Wales in her glory. Have you walked around zWales' coastal path?

Cheers. 😁

Sounds wonderful apart from the road resurfacing lanc2. Enjoy your new freedom! 😊

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Have not done all the coastal path but I have walked around most of the mountains in Wales, To my mind Cader Idris is the Jewel in the crown. I have done the 14 peaks in N. Wales in my youth and the 50 miler in South Wales. I am 75 now and I tend to go to Austria if I can, in order to use the free buses and lift passes to take all the donkey work out of the equation. The cafes at the top are pretty impressive as well, especially if there are thunderstorms about and the lifts have been stopped.

I have been very fortunate in having a valve repair when I was 69 and have been out and about ever since. The French Alps in Chamonix , walking the Grand Balcon along the side of Mont Blanc, the Emperor's path above Wengen, with tremendous views of the Eiger and the Monch and the Jungfrau. The Lauterbrunnen Valley is a tremendous walk, with lifts at the end to take you up to Piz Gloria, another outstanding viewpoint.

I am looking at going walking in Shropshire next, or the South Downs, once coronavirus settles down for a while - all I need now is the weather.

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leo60 in reply to Ianc2

You are going to be busy! Forecast is good for next week :)) xx

I like the Brecon beacons as well!

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Apart from your initial hold-up, it sounds like a very enjoyable day lanc2, that's really good. x

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very envious .. sounds wonderful outing for you x

So pleased you finally managed to get out again 👍🏻

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You sound as if you had a brilliant day. Hope you enjoy many more 😊😊

The Brecon Beacons is a national park and it’s beautiful , I don’t live far from there, you could have popped in for a cuppa 😃👍

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My sister lives there, about 9 miles from Brecon, you can see the black mountains from her house. 5 mile thing was ridiculous. Have to go further than that to do a decent food shop.

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MidoriVisually impaired

Living in Wales now makes me wish I could still drive! I hate having to wait for invitations!

I used to love taking off and just going somewhere, anywhere. Found some really beautiful places, entirely by accident sometimes!


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