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redwinged blackbird - a different marsh bird, balancing - and a puzzle again another puzzle

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Really good Wallowa and I loved the jigsaw, thanks again. xx

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Thanks so much. :)

The colours on the wings really stand out, and I do get a sense of the bird balancing. Lovely drawing and thank you for the puzzle Wallowa. 🙂🪶🧩

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thank you. I saw a rwbb balancing against the wind so I took a shot - still using reference pix for learning but trying to work with more "live" viewing now that I've spent time trying to understand how they "fit together!"

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I think the way you are combining the two works very well (IMHO) 🙂👍🪶

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thanks so much!

Wow, a stunning study Wallowa! Really striking. And I was so happy when I saw I get my puzzle too!

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aww. tjamls "_

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well, I meant a.. thanks!

I don’t write on this sight other than for Ovacome comments, but just to say how much I enjoy your jigsaw puzzles, thanks

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I'm so glad!

Hi Hidden

I thoroughly enjoyed doing that puzzle - not done one of those before, very peaceful and enjoyable thing to do. I really like your creation. It's lovely.

Zest :-)

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thank you so much!

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