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marsh bird hollering (and a puzzle!)

this is a male yellow headed blackbird yelling away! puzzle link.

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Wonderful drawing, Wallowa. I had never seen one before but have looked it up online. It's great to see your drawings of all the birds I am not familiar with Thank you for posting 😊

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thanks, they are so cool!

Great drawing Wallowa, do you see them ‘sunning’ ? I saw a blackbird ‘sunning ‘in my garden the other day, it did make me smile as it looked so cute. Thank you for the puzzle too. 🙂🪶🧩

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:) blackbirds are so cool. Yellow headeds are wild and NOISY!

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Photo of blackbird sunning. Not taken by me.

Blackbird sunning.
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love it!

Great drawing Wallowa and great jigsaw too, thanks. xx

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thanks :)

Wonderful sense of movement.I can almost hear him, you've captured it so well 🐰

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thanks so much!

He's very striking Wallowa and you've drawn him so well. We can certainly see he's hollering. I shall, as always, enjoy my puzzle!

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thanks. have fun!

Thank you Wallowa, I do enjoy your jigsaw puzzles 🙋

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