here's another puzzle: - Positive Wellbein...

Positive Wellbeing During Self-Isolation

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here's another puzzle

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this is an American dipper - a bird that likes to swim!

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Hi, Another great puzzle, completed in 3.50, I've never heard of this cutie before. I love the puzzles & drawings, really look forward to them. You have an amazing talent I've never been able to draw or paint. Love Sue x

in reply to Sue_64

thanks so much! glad you enjoyed the puzzle!

Ajay575 profile image

Great 6.55👍

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Really lovely Wallowa, what some beautiful colours!

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thank you!!!!

BrentW profile image

I greatly admire your drawings. Such simplicity is something to which I might aspire. I get sucked into details far too easily.

in reply to BrentW

very kind of you to say!

Rachmaninov2 profile image

Thank you Wallowa, will have a go later. 🙂👍🪶🧩

Rachmaninov2 profile image

I enjoyed doing the jigsaw, thank you for the lovely drawing too Wallowa. 🙂👍🧩🪶

in reply to Rachmaninov2

thank you :)

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Lovely Wallowa, a very sweet bird and very well drawn. Great jigsaw too, thanks. xx

in reply to springcross

Thanks, glad you enjoyed it

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