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Hi all! Collage of recent bird drawings

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I used an online collage maker to combine several of my most recent bird drawings. Most of these birds are familiar to me or come to my feeder so I can start the drawings, but as it is winter with 8" of snow here, I'm also looking at online images to practice getting proportions right. Each drawing I learn a little more.

Shown below a starling arguing with a northern flicker, a female redwinged blackbird, chickadees, a junco, a talky starling face, a belted kingfisher, another flicker...

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Love them! Yep Starlings love to 'chat' and squabble😁 Am watching and listening to a dozen doing just that! Chickadees are so cute, like our Coal Tits here. Really very good. I can't draw or paint to save my life but I have tried birds and wildlife, my passion, in the past, it's not easy!My partner is however an Artist, but more of a dark, sometimes disturbing surrealism.😊

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thank you!!!

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That, I love!

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thank you!!!😀

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They're all so good Wallowa, well done to you. I hope you're keeping warm in that 8" of snow. Take care. xx

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Great Wallowa :)

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thank you!!

Absolutely love them, you are so good 👍

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nice of you!

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You're ver welcome 😊

That looks wonderful Wallowa!

Chickadees say their name zchik a dzee dzee dzee!

Thanks :)

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