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A different view this morning.

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We went to collect our eggs this morning from our next village and then decided to have a walk to South landing at Flamborough.

The views are stunning and with the sun shinning onto the pebble beach, really we could have been anywhere in Greece!!

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Lovely photo kg, thanks for sharing. x

Very nice view 👌

It is so lovely down on both landing beaches. We park in the village and walk only about 2.5 miles. Usually the Sealife centre and RNLI visitor attractions are open but then it get busier. Worth a visit. Alice x

Wow, I’m so jealous having. not been to the beach for months due to lockdown here in Wales we can’t travel , I so miss the sea air , and I so love Yorkshire , beautiful 👍

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Just a couple of miles from home and we feel so safe. X

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I too am locked down in Wales. I so ache to visit my mum in West Yorkshire. Every day seems increasingly on day less that we might be together. Just writing that reduces me to tears.

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Oh im so sorry Brent, it must be awful for you not to be able to see your Mum, can you keep in touch otherwise, it seems never ending doesn’t it, hopefully once we all have our vaccines you will be able to visit, what part of Wales are you, I’m near Cardiff.

Have you had much snow, thankfully it’s raining here so it will wash it all away👍

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I am not far from Aberaeron, in a beautiful area. At least I have an amazing view from our living room. We do not draw the curtains in our bedroom so that we can wake up to the view. It is so wonderful having my wife with which to share it. My mum lives alone. We spend about an hour each day on the telephone, which is better than nothing. She tells me what she really misses is sharing a meal with somebody -- lingering and chatting between mouthfuls.

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Oh Aberaeron I know it very well , my Aunt lived down that way, so we used to visit a lot, we actually stayed in the Harbour Master hotel about two years ago for a special anniversary which was wonderful, we have a lovely view from our back garden too but up over the mountains and forestry which looked wonderful yesterday with all the snow.It’s lovely you can at least talk to your Mum every day, Yorkshire is a long way away , is that where you are from originally, we’ve spent a lot of time up there too over the years.

Is your Mum able to handle Skype at all which would be good, all we can do is look forward and hope this won’t last much longer which is so hard

Spent all my childhood holidays in Bridlington.Used to visit Sewerby, Flamborough, North and South Landings and always had a great time.Lovely areas to explore for children, rock pools, skimming stones in the sea, amusements and rides.It's a beautiful area.Hope to be able to go for a day trip this year as we always try to go every year.Shows there are lovely places to visit on our own doorsteps if we care to look for them.

Always holidayed here as well and after we were married we bought a static caravan on a site at Flamborough. Gave that up when we started showing our dogs more. We always felt at home here and said we would retire here. We bought our bungalow in 2012 and have enjoyed our bit of paradise ever since. We had Cavalier King Charles Spaniels for almost 40 years. South beach this morning and as stunning as ever x

Lovely story

How pretty. The whiteness of those pebbles is stunning with the blue sky above!

Yes it is beautiful, we are blessed with pebble beaches to the north and miles of sandy beaches to the north. It is glorious to have all this only five minutes from home.

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