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Positive Wellbeing During Self-Isolation

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Transformation ☝️ ❤️☀️☮️☯️🌻🧘🏻‍♀️🕉🌈🙏

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Nobody else is responsible. Don’t throw the responsibility onto God, fate, kismet, society, economic structure. Don’t throw the responsibility on your past lives, on others. Take the whole responsibility on yourself, because that is the only way to move, to change, to go beyond.

One goes on creating the hell, and then hates it, and then wants to get rid of it. And even while you are trying to get rid of it you are still creating it. Take the whole responsibility of whatsoever you are, and wherever you are. This is the first principle of my sannyas: The whole responsibility is yours, don’t blame anybody, and don’t try to find causes somewhere else. It is easy, and it is the strategy of the ego always to find causes somewhere else, because then there is no need to change. What can you do? The society is wrong, the social structure is wrong, the political ideology is wrong, the government is wrong, the economic structure is wrong – everything is wrong except you. You are a beautiful person fallen into everything wrong. What can you do? Then you have to suffer, and then you have to learn how to tolerate.

Tolerance is an ugly word. To tolerate means you have already humiliated the other person, you are already higher, holier, more understanding. The people who talk about tolerance are the most intolerant people. I never tolerate; either I accept, or I simply forget all about the person. Why should I tolerate? He has the right to be himself. I have the right to be myself. There is no need for any tolerance. That’s what people have been doing for centuries – learning tolerance. Osho doesn’t teach people tolerance; he teaches transformation. Enough of tolerance! Tolerance means you have misunderstood the whole thing. Transformation means you have started to begin – at least the first ray of understanding has entered in you. Now whatsoever it is, watch each step how it comes. If it is anger watch; if it is sexuality, watch; if it is greed, watch – the three poisons of Ko Hsuan. And through watchfulness you will be able to get rid of them. In fact, through watchfulness they simply start disappearing.

The revolution has to happen within you; it has not to be introduced into the world. Because only you are alive ; society is dead, society is just a name. Only you have something of the soul. The synthesis has to happen there; it is going to happen within you, within me. And each individual has to become a great experiment toward that synthesis. But remember when that synthesis arises, you will not be able to say it comes from outside sources. Synthesis, real synthesis, organic synthesis, is transcendence; your attitude has changed, you are standing on the highest peak. From there you look and create a significant shift, a significant change from your core of being.❤️

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Nope. Disagree. No one person, philosophy, religion or anything else has THE answer. Find your own way and your own answers.

Exactly take responsibility upon yourself to find your own answers. I don’t ask for your agreement. You go on your life and live according to what works for you🤷‍♀️👍

If you are agreeing with me, you didn't understand my comment.

I agree, it all depends on circumstances

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focused1Reading Rabbits in reply to Marnie22

Marnie - you are a strong woman .

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Marnie22 in reply to focused1

Thank you.

Don't live in the past. Take responsibility for your actions. Don't live in misery because the past. Live in the new in the present and let the past die.

Good for you Gb2.👍 I’m glad you take responsibility for your life. Go on and celebrate your present as your chance to create your new path! 🤗☀️🌹🌻🙏❤️

Party time!!🌈🌪🦉💥✨🔥💩

Yessss let’s see. Today is Thursday. How about throw back Thursday 🤣😂🤣😂

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Marnie22 in reply to Imnotright

That is a good idea, but many people need a lot of support and help before they can do this.

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focused1Reading Rabbits in reply to Imnotright

Hmm sort of but some of my past was rather nice and satisfying .

Don't tolerate the bull$#!+. Live in the present.

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Marnie22 in reply to Imnotright

What do you mean?

Oh we live in the present and we celebrate life as it is! No tolerance is allowed 🙅‍♀️🤣😂🤣😂

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focused1Reading Rabbits in reply to GreatMindfulness

You remind me of a strict teacher . Sort of scary but principled .

Yes 😂😂😂 I’m taught to stand on my two feet and not being fragile with anything comes my way. I have to take responsibility for myself to make a life how I want it. 🤗👍🙏

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Marnie22 in reply to focused1

Teachers teach wide ranging views and positions. They also teach students to challenge everything and to do their own research. Teaching is very different to pontificating.

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focused1Reading Rabbits in reply to Marnie22

True . I am a nursery nurse . We start the process early.

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Hb2003 in reply to Imnotright

People with PTSD have a hard time living in the present due to flashbacks and emotional distress . It’s hard for them to deal with.

We don't need to be stuck in the past. Like being in a big snowstorm you need push back the wind and snow to move forward. If you stand still you'll get buried.

Wow so empowering! Yes we will push back sandstorm if it happens.😂 Nothing is happening Now, sunny sky and birds are chirping 🤣😂👍

Sure... We are still doing 40 to 60 degrees here. 80's Saturday. Bikini 👙 weather for me.

Oh wow the weather is getting warmer now where you are at 😂 well have fun with your bikinis 👍😂

Thank you. I will.😂😂😂😂

Sorry but I think making sweeping statements about the ugliness of tolerance merely highlights intolerance. If more people were tolerant instead of dogmatic, the world would be a happier place. I would disagree that tolerance equates with feeling holier or higher than someone else; neither is it about humiliation. But dogma is. I’m perplexed that you consider tolerance to be any different to acceptance. Namaste

You have your own definition of tolerance and I have my own. That is the meaning of it, you don’t tolerate my definition, you see it doesn’t resonate with you so you move on living your own light 🙏

Try looking in the dictionary.

Lovely post again KoKo well thought. We all should take responsibility of what we do today and not tomorrow I'm a big believer in fate because it is written in the star's.. Clive X 🤗

Thank you Clive. ❤️I’m glad you see the main message is taking responsibility for yourself, power to you ✊. Have a wonderful day Clive! 🤗☀️🌻🌹🙏

My concern is other members who may have mental health difficulties and who may feel that their condition is all their own fault because of the contents of your posts. Look up ,'trolling ' in that dictionary too, as you clearly don't know the meaning.

Is it part of you spiritual enlightenment to be so rude? When one let’s go of the ego, one learns the truth of acceptance. It’s about more than feeling superior, it is about love. I’m sure Netflix has done much to resurge the cult of Osho without managing to allude to the myriad children who had no choice about whether they accepted the doctrines or not. Good luck on your journey of transformation. As you rightly say you are only responsible for yourself.

I am not on your post. I am on a forum and replying to a post whereby, by osmosis, you invite replies. How strange that you should see this as non-acceptance 🙏

Absolutely. This surely is a well being forum? Not a philosophy forum? You make some valid points Marnie😌

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Marnie22 in reply to Alb2

Thanks. I thought discussion was a good thing.

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Loopyloolool in reply to Alb2

Yes and a forum where we should all be able to express our views however much we may disagree with others without being told to leave , that’s what a forum is all about , discussion or why put a post on in the first place if you only want your views to be validated .

I agree with your post for the most part. Our suffering is mostly caused by us. But, if I get sucker punched in the face, I’m blaming the puncher. 😝

Somewhat paradoxically, I had to learn to blame others a lot more before I could turn back inward and see what was mine and what was other people’s. A lot of people here are very confused as to what they are responsible for, and it’s not their fault or yours! It’s that they were raised to think that everything is their own damn fault and their responsibility - even when it isn’t. That sucks. Ultimately, your post may be triggering to some folks. I could see that right away. But it’s also not wrong. It would be what I call “a hard truth.”

But after a person figures all that out in their own time, then they will see the truth in Osho’s words. Once one gets to that new understanding by resolving past trauma, it’s easy to see the past as in the past. It’s easy to see what’s going on in one’s mind.

Hi Ava, I’m glad you see the essence in Osho. We all have past traumas more or less. Acceptance in our ownselves is the most difficult thing that is why we call “harsh truth”. How we interpret the philosophy is up to us to apply to our own situation. It is about it perspectives to ponder on and figure out our own path. Let go and flow with life as it is. Celebrate your own existence each moment! Have a wonderful day Ava! 🤗❤️☀️🌻🌹🙏

You too, Koko!! 😀🤗

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I’m turning off replying to this post as members are getting personal which’s against HealthUnlocked guidelines and will be deleted.

Please be respectful to each other folks.

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