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''CHANGES''I promise not to make new posts every day,but sometimes we have to let things flow.

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After an emotional day yesterday I now feel energised to take on the world,and now my fun self is bouncing back i feel truly blessed.Its been a difficult journey the past 16 months,but having gone to Memorial Woodlands where David is resting I had an overwhelming sense of purpose and need for self preservation,and now wearing David's Wedding Ring i know he is with me every step of the way,and I know he is proud of what i've achieved in a very short space of time so far.

My real friends have marvelled at how i have coped,with endless legal correspondence and business commitments,something i thought i would never be able to master,but i have,and its far from over yet.

When one is part of a couple,and then,suddenly, finding you are totally on your own,is a tough learning curve,a curve you have to master quickly,or it becomes a hairpin bend,as 3 close friends can testify,having been through similar.

There are many doors, now closed forever,but also some new doors to be opened ,which given time will be a new awakening,and a new beginning.

Do care for those you love because in an instance everything can change,and a lifetime is very short indeed.?xx

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Oh bless you. A very thoughtful, moving and inspirational post. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts with us. Maria x💕🐰

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You shouldn't promise not to post Roddy, more that you will keep posting! Your posts are incredibly moving, thought provoking and honest! Remember, sharing is caring xx

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thank you so much,you are very kind.x

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Hi Roddy, as usual a lovely post straight from the heart, please carry on posting as and when you feel up to it, thinking of you

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Another really good post secrets - I hope you do continue to make new posts every day, it will be a shame if you stop and I for one would miss them. They are alway so full of feeling and honesty so please reconsider. xx

Roddy, please feel free to post as much or as little as you choose. No rationing here, (so long as posts remain within HU guidelines, of course). I'm so pleased that you feel a wind of change blowing after visiting David's resting place. It can take a long time to feel ready and it shouldn't be rushed. Often once a thing like that has been accomplished it does mark a sea change in feelings, and I think that's because those feelings have begun changing already and that's why we feel ready to go and actually do what seemed unthinkable for a long time. It's all a part of the long journey to recovery following bereavement, and you have to do it all at your own pace.It's probably been lucky that you've had some practical challenges thrown your way during this initial period of your grieving. It gives a reason to get up and push on when everything feels so bleak and goodness only knows, even without the troubles of a bereavement, the pandemic has been enough to cope with on its own.

New doors will open for you, and new pleasures will come along. The passing years do blunt the pain somewhat, even though life's irrevocably changed.

A deep loss does give us a new perspective on the fact that actually we have no control over what life sends us and we really should appreciate those people we cherish and let them know often how much we do care for them. You're doing great Roddy! 🙏

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Hi Roddy, Sue and the others are right your posts are so touching straight from the heart and again I was so moved and tears came as I'm so pleased your coping so well I know about the loss of a partner in death only from my mams loss and her journey and a friend my mams ex nebour we visited and her sister both lost there husband's they are happy now fate brought them together they live next door with anointing gardens no fence, one lost her daughter within 2 years of her husband I saw her photo in the living room and her husband's she said it's a comfort seeing him there they think of them everyday and life goes on but different and your amazing having coped with your grief and all the ongoing challenges your house/buiseness as it is throws at you, during the pandemic, this shows your stronger than you think, when I first was drawn to you from a post you made after my dad died I made the post love never dies about the spirit living on, and I can see such a differnce in you and you are getting stronger and please carry on posting I often think I post too much and say too much but not only does it help us to release it can help others too and bring us together and bond as a friendship family community and your words are very wise,and I sometimes feel I take my loved ones for granted and in an instance they could be gone, and should always treat them with tender loving care,and see them more,hope you have a nice day in the garden today as I will finish my re potting 🧡🌟xxx

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Well done for posting. There are so many people who are in this situation at the moment, sharing gives comfort to others, to know that someone else is feeling exactly the same and that grieving is normal. Sharing is a way of healing. Take care. X

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CraftypersonReading Rabbits

Glad you're doing better and after death of a loved one and the events of the last year we need to hang onto the loved ones we've got. It will get easier I promise. And post away that's what group all about

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You are so right. Our loved ones who are no longer here on this earthly journey would want us to be happy. Your husband is looking down, and smiling on you. Thank GOD you have friends who have made this same life journey, and you all can learn from, and help each other. Amen😇

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