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Ocean painting series

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Hi friends

Hope you’re all having a good day. I’ve been in a very low mood these past few days, lack of energy, pain and sadness for a close friend who is suffering through terminal cancer and I can’t go to see her with this lockdown. Finding it very difficult. I’ve also got canker sores in my mouth and in my throat I don’t know if it’s meds that are doing that?

House been tense too as my mother doesn’t understand why I am sometimes off mood and grumpy and short with her. it’s not personal, it’s just pain but I don’t expect her to understand so I have to bear up with the shouting and screaming from her. ( I swear she’s 72 but she has the energy of a two year toddler whose having a fit) she can scream until kingdom come. Anyway- through all this I’m managing to paint- or pour paint as it’s quicker and I don’t have to concentrate for long periods. I’ve waited for it to dry to take a photo. I hope you like it. 💙🌎

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Hi Dalia,

I'm really sorry to hear about both the pain of your friend and the pain that you are experiencing currently. That is a difficult situation to deal with in the best of times, let alone during this lockdown. I'm very sorry. It's great that you are able to channel your emotions into painting and it sounds like it's hopefully helping a bit. Take care.

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Dalia74 in reply to SadieHU

Thank you lovely. Painting is certainly saving my sanity. 🙏🏽🌈

I'm sorry to hear about your friend, that's very sad. I'm sure your painting will be good. xx

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Dalia74 in reply to springcross

Thank you 🙏🏽❤️ You can view my painting in the next post.. I couldn’t fit the photo in this post 🌈🌺🌸


I hope you continue to try to keep well

My Mother is also 72 years old and I call her a Pocket Rocket and the original scary spice

She can also be quite cross at times like a simmering volcano

I saddened to hear of your friend and this is causing you to be heart 💓 broken with a low mood

I am very negligent with me cat and tomorrow it will be towed for a new battery

But human life is infinitely a very precious commodity

I was having regular sessions with a Psychotherapist who was very helpful and now I have told as I talk like a child may be I am a child

I was feeling quite low as a result of this

Sometimes I go for help and realise Allah is the true source of help

Have patience and trust in Allah

I am also well aware of your Mothers energy levels incredible as mine walks like grease lightning

I also am reminded of the Rabbit of the Duracell Battery

Tiny little packages but fuelled with dynamite

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Dalia74 in reply to Roukaya

Thanks Roukaya for sharing. I hope the therapy helps you. You’re a strong woman ❤️😘🌈🙏🏽

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Roukaya in reply to Dalia74


How are you

How is Mum

Mine is formidable as usual

What makes you think I am strong

I always think of myself as the Lion in the Wizard of Oz

I have no courage

Hope you are ok

I have just written a post

Please read it

Love and hugs ❤️🌈

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You certainly have a lot going on at the moment, it's good you can express yourself through art. Your painting is very beautiful. I am sorry to hear about your friend, this must make you feel very sad. If your under the weather and a bit run down, you need to find some time to rest and build your strength up again. Try take a bit of time out for you if you are able. xx

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Dalia74 in reply to bobbybobb

❤️😘Thank you

Hi Dalia74,

You have a lot to put up with and it would not be human if you didn't feel down from time to time. And pain can bring you down faster than anything. I'm so sorry to hear about your friend too. That's very hard to bear when you can't even be with her. We are learning new acts of bravery every day at the moment. From the outside they can look small to other people but each and every one is a personal challenge and is significant.

It's so good that you have an interest like your art to give you something to focus on during the low times. Be kind to yourself and don't feel that you must put on a 'cheerful front' all of the time. 🙏🌈

Thanks for that, especially about the “putting on brave front“ it’s true in some especially in my nature to do this even without thinking. Not wanting to worry others or thinking I’m burdening others with my anxieties. This is why this site has been wonderful, I sometimes am a passive participant and Just log in to read others posts including yours lovely, and it lends me strength and courage because I can relate or be able to see others perspective on how they’re coping not just with chronic illness And extreme pain but also this terrible virus and lockdown that had befallen us. . Again, thank you truly for being one of these amazing people ❤️🌈🙏🏽

Well thank you too Dalia74. Together we're stronger. I'm sure of that! 🙏🌈

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CraftypersonReading Rabbits

Oh dear sorry to hear your in pain and your mouth does sound sore, hope it's better soon. Sorry having problems with your mum too. Glad you've got your art to help you through. Hopefully you may be able to go see your friend soon

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Dalia74 in reply to Craftyperson

Thank you for your kind words ❤️💞🌈

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CraftypersonReading Rabbits in reply to Dalia74

Your welcome hope your feeling a bit.better today

Thanks Jerry that means a lot, you’re so kind. I’m glad you like it.

To be honest the art is a life saver, I’ve always loved art but admired afar, never dare be a participant. I think when we love the Greats we are daunted by the fact that we can never paint like a Turner, Van Gogh or Frida Kahlo.., so I’ve always just never explored that. My lovely best friend Surinder who is in the last stages of cancer was an artist, we bonded through our love of poetry ( I used to be a performance poet when I had full health) So it’s Surinder really that has deeply inspired and encouraged me to Paint. She said just dab colour on paper and let yourself go with the flow. No pressure. And that’s what I’ve done. It’s been an immersive pleasure that takes me temporarily away from pain and all stresses.😊🌈

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