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A jog this afternoon

Hi all

I was sanding walls and 2 doors this morning, had a late lunch then went for a jog mid afternoon. Not that far for me today but still very enjoyable.

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That’s a long walk. So from your stats were you walking 1 hour 19 mins?

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Hmm, that's short for me now - oops😂

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It must have been a pleasant jog. The pictures look good. I like it when it's a bit cloudy. xx

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It really was Bobby and yes clouds add a bit of atmosphere. It was very windy but kept me cool xx

Now that's what I'd call a busy day Alicia! I'm in awe that you don't think that's very far! 😀

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Yes my poor hands are a little rough. Can't have hubby doing it all, he's done nearly all the decorating as I'm not keen.

That's not far for me, I'm my mother's daughter, my mum used to love being out walking, very happy memories. 😊🌈

Ditto .. total awe x

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Thank you🙏

Thank you Jerry, I have to give my poor hubby a break from the sanding as he's done loads lately.

I couldn't resist going out as the weather was lovely.🌈🌞😊

What a nice area to jog in ! Thanks for posting.

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Thank you🙏

Very nice.

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Thank you🙏

Thank you🙏

Your photos look lovely. I live in an area with similar surroundings and am so grateful.

Can I ask has it taken a while for you to get to a place where you're able to be this active, or do you have days where you aren't able to do so much?

I was diagnosed just before lockdown so I'm trying to understand the condition and get to know my bodies reactions and restrictions

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Thank you, appreciated. Isn't it lovely to live right by or in the countryside.

I've always been fairly active but never as much as this,I've built it up more and more since lockdown and I'm finding hills so much easier now. Jogging is harder but in getting better at that and jogging up hills.

I'm so sorry you were diagnosed (I'm thinking you mean COVID-19), if that's the case then I understand you need to listen to your body and build it up, I've read that some take quite a while.

Good for you !

Yesterday late afternoon we took a walk/hike through a part of the trail that was new to us. It felt fairly isolated but very lovely.

Today I saw a post in a neighborhood forum on line that there was a black bear sited in the area. Thank God we did not see a black bear. That would have scared me half to death !!!

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Thank you.

Now that does sound really lovely, I really do love trails and especially where something is new.

Oh my goodness, that would have also scared me, think I would have been frozen to the spot.

I guess I should review what one is suppose to do. It’s either stay still or act and look big and make noise ! There’s quite a difference so I should research this in case we see one !!

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That would be a very good idea as no doubt you'd like to walk/trek that way again as it sounds lovely. I would definitely look into this, maybe carrying a big stick and waving it is one but I'm not sure.

Will do.

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