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Rather Sad, but also a Happy Release

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Dear Friends,

Rather Sad news, in many ways, but a Blessed Release in others. A friend, of my Mother's, Husband finally 'Passed Away' last week. The Funeral was Today, a necessarily Small Affair, but with Lovely Words and music.

I didn't know Alan well, however I had 'Met Him' several times... an old Musician, who often played Cover Versions of Old Songs. Finally 'succumbing', to Cancer- and a 'few' Other Bits! I'm told that he WAS 'In Pain', at the End, but only for a Short While.

I'm hoping to, be able to, Watch The Service 'On Line'- apparently Available, for up to a Month.

May God 'Rest You' Alan... Playing Stairway To Heaven, for Eternity.


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Sorry to hear this news Andrew but so glad he's now out of pain.

I watched my friend's husband's funeral online, it was very strange but at least I got to see it.

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Yes, we went to my Uncle's in the summer but it was so strange because the first thing we wanted to do was hug his daughters and their families. They were allowed 30. When my friend's father in law sadly passed away they were only allowed 10. A few days later her 16 year old said why could Grandad not have a proper funeral but they are allowing all these protests to take place. Well said Samuel!!! Xxxx❤️💜❤️💜

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Very strange times Lynne and I really do feel for families xxxx💜💜💜🌈

Hi yes it's a blessing when someone suffering has passed over to a new dimension still living on in spirit hugs to you 🌟xxx

I do know how sad you all feel because my beloved husband passed away in June 2020 after suffering dreadfully for years. He was blinded in a “hospital accident “ 30 years ago and until then had been active in sport and a fantastic photographer for which he received many 1sts in competitions. Through the years he had bowel cancer, prostrate cancer and many many other health problems. In the end he suffered terribly and we promised him that he would not go to hospital again. We would take care of him with the help of Rennie Groves and this we did. I still miss him so much and I will always love him I even talk to him everyday. It is never easy losing a loved one but least they are at peace now.

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Sending you my thoughts xx🤗

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Thinking of you. You are in my thoughts and prayers.All my love Lynne xxxx ❤️🙏❤️😺

Times are so desperately sad in so many ways at the moment Andrew. I've already experienced an on line funeral and I found it very moving. If this gentleman was in such awful pain his passing will have been a blessing.


Especially for you Andrew.😕

My thoughts are with Alan's family and friends. At my mum's funeral last May we were only allowed 10 mourners, no hymn books, organised by phone, text and email, we met the vicar who took the service 10 minutes before it started

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