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I despair of some people.

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A woman who has bought a luxury house adjacent to the motorway is now creating hell about the traffic noise,for goodness sake the motorway was there long before her,and she would have been very aware of any noise at the time,and now someone locally to me is going mad about the cockerels making a noise in the morning,for gawds sake if you choose to live in the country its not unusual to hear hens sounding off,and if they find it so offensive i suggest they move back to the city.

We live in an age of complainers and moaners,talk about live and let live,its all me me me.

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17 Replies
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There is no cure for stupid ,is there ? I’m can’t believe how she has exposed herself to ridicule by going public.shes also made. Her house unsaleable and will possibly has affected the. Alien of her property..Hav a good day

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Very much the same as a couple who bought a house right beside the primary school where I used to work, who complain about the noise in the playground and the footballs that end up in their garden🙄

Oh dear Roddy, only this morning I was spitting nails when a doctor on TV was decrying PPE as being uncomfortable and dangerous to women. Of course our health heroes should have the best possible but I wondered if she'd care to time-travel back to the 1918 pandemic and cope with the PPE that was available then. Of course there's always room for improvement in most things and we do continue to progress given time, but frankly I am tired of the constant world whinging fest, the cancel culture for any thing you don't personally agree with and the self obsession. If you have no choice but to live alongside a busy road, you may have cause for a grumble, but I've got deaf ears for anyone who deliberately places themselves there, or who moves to the country and doesn't like what he/she finds there!

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Hear hear secrets, well said - it's like people who buy a house near a farmyard and then complain about the smell.

I heard that on the radio this morning, apparently the estate agent took them to see the house when there was no traffic about but surely the motorway was still there and they presumably visited the house more than once, unbelievable 😃

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exactly,the motorway has been there for as long as folk remember,and those people visited about 7 times before they bought.x

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Absolutely! I live by a railway line and opposite a pub- and knew that when I bought the house And I have no complaints 😁

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secrets22 in reply to MadBunny

Actually i used to live right on a busy roundabout,and right next to a pub,and i loved it,no complaints here.x

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MadBunny in reply to secrets22

The train are always slow anyway as it's the end of the line. In fact I notice more if they're not running! And the pub is usually quiet. So no complaints.

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secrets22 in reply to MadBunny

Strangely though,i slept far better there than i have anywhere.?x

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ArctoLindy in reply to MadBunny

I used to live so close to a railway line that my pictures were always wonky on the wall and sometimes glasses would fall off the top shelf of the kitchen cupboard if you forgot to push them back every once in a while... I really miss the trains and the view of the track - I used to see so much wildlife. My cat also loved train spotting, we could both tell by the sound of the approaching train if it was something different and Marley would rush to the window to watch! 😂

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I read that in disbelief. When purchasing a home surely the first thing you consider is its location.

Hi I don't mind the peacocks in park mind there gone since lockdown 🤔my garden seemed bit noisey when moved here 17 yes ago as I came from quiet coldesac but most of the time I hear and foccus on birds and wind I imagine the cars are the sea I got used to it and it's noisey round front on rush hour as I'm near the end, oh my God there's big bubbles just appearing with rainbow like colours must look xx how nice nebours grandchildren blowing bubbles must ring chemist 😁not sure if there on pic need enlarging

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We’ve had similar around here... complaints about loud music after buying a holiday home close to a bandstand - live music is restricted there now I believe. A town over, the locals have had to campaign to keep the local church bells ringing after someone bought a house near the (ancient) church and complained about the noise!

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secrets22 in reply to ArctoLindy

Unbelievable....talk about live and let live,people wont let you do that,and how anyone can complain about church bells i really dont know,i am pained to say it but there are some selfish and nasty people around.x

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There have been cases where people bought a house next to a village green then got a court order limiting the village cricket club's activities because of cricket balls landing in their garden. As was said above; due diligence.

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focused1Reading Rabbits

Properties are usually cheaper for a reason . A home near a motorway isn’t hidden .

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