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Its not over till the fat lady sings.

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I see that France is now on its 3rd lockdown,a 7pm curfew,a 6 mile travel restriction and infection rates 7 times greater than the UK.

The way so many people are acting i fear that Britain might well go into lockdown again,due in part that there are so many irresponsible people around,the thousands of folk ignoring the advice given is unbelievable,they meet up in vast numbers with no social distancing,do they think they are immune from Covid19.?

And to confound the issue the vast amounts of rubbish they leave behind is a disgrace,it makes me feel ashamed of what some British people have become.

Incidentally i have no idea who the fat lady is,or even if she can actually sing.

17 Replies
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Yes ,Italy's pretty bad again too. I share your fears about it happening here again - especially from what I've seen so far. I dread to think what will happen when restrictions are lifted further.And we've still got the bank holiday weekend to come! And as for the litter and mess- don't get me started.

I was sitting on a bench, drinking my coffee the other day,and two kids came and sat next to me😳.And I'm getting fed up with playing dodgems when I'm out walking.

Take care- look after yourself xx

Ps I think perhaps the fat lady is an opera reference??Maybe she came on to do an encore to signify the end of the performance? 😁

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Couldn't believe rubbish in park cans of alcohol too, no it wasn't me lol 🤯😁just having lay down need catch up on sleep xx

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Just been in Sainsbury's. Bloke in queue too close couldn't tell him to move back cos there were other people behind him. Take care xx

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We should do the right thing and keep to the rules.

...but I read or saw somewhere that about 25% of us do have some cross-immunity to CoViD from other Coronaviruses.

...and, as almost all of the vulnerable people, who would be likely to need hospitalisation if they get the disease, have been vaccinated.

There are currently 5,000 people getting infected per day (positive tests) and 4,176 people in hospital and 268 hospital admissions per day.

When the restrictions are lifted (or ignored), the infection rate will, almost certainly, go up - but, hopefully, the hospital admissions and population will not rise substantially. (...and I hope that the politicians would not panic and re-impose restrictions.)

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Let's hope so.

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Apparently hairdressers are reopening no earlier than 12 April as are outdoor settings, including zoos and theme parks, also pubs restaurants etc. With the way some people here have been behaving recently, it wouldn't surprise me either if we have to go into lockdown again soon. It's that "I'm immune so I don't need a mask" attitude of mind again isn't it.

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Hi secrets22, I may be that fat lady you are unable to identify and you will know if she sings, though you may not want a recording of that. But I certainly won't be singing yet, based on where we know we are with regard to covid19. Maybe it's a mistake to keep locking us down so that a proportion of us will lose all common sense the moment we regain a small freedom, and can't resist running amok. I don't know what the alternative to lockdown would be, but it definitely seems not to be that effective, based on behaviours the moment doors are flung open again. (Anyway I don't get paid to work it all out so quite happy to leave that to those who do). I can only say I share your disgust at the state in which we currently believe it's OK to leave our public places after we have used them. It's appalling, and the British have always had a bad reputation for it, but in order to change we need self discipline and structure, the very two things which aren't working with regard to covid19 either. Lessons?

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Yes the amount of rubbish left is unbelievable, when you go to other places they are so clean, is such a shame that we don’t appreciate our beautiful country more, I do blame a lot of it down,to parents who don’t correct their children when they just drop something on the floor, I’ve seen it myself they just laugh thinking it’s so funny , and then stricter fines,

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When I was a little girl I had thrown rubbish down on the pavement and my father had told me off!

Kids pick up the attitudes from their parents.

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Me too👍

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Me too. I remember feeling mortified.

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The age of aquarious I mentioned before indicates rebelling and revolt against government from my experience of astrology it's true just having nap if that pixie will stop yelping if not he may well get put in the big bird cage I've found may make a interesting post 🤯🙀🌟

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How bizare the date 🤯

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I think it's premature to open Pub and Restaurant Gardens on the 12th April! I totally disagree with this! If the Government kept their 5 week rollout, we would open end of April if infection rates stay down and then open properly! I will have to go back to work 12 April onwards but not comfortable with it really despite lateral flow tests done!

More people could have been vaccinated by then! I admit I feel a little apprehensive about it all!🙄

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i could'nt agree more.

Park yesterday not sure if you saw my post I'm just going for my lie down now xx


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