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Social Media and all that..not all its cracked up to be

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As someone who has had a Facebook account for a number of years,i see its uses and drawbacks,and i do have a number of friends??? locally to me on this media also.

However,due to my recent unwellness/anxiety/worry I decided a few weeks ago that I would take time out and not post for a while,and i did say i would be doing this,but would not be deleting my account and if anyone wants to message me i would always see it and reply.

Bearing in mind,until I lost my partner 16 months ago,we were very social and entertained a great deal,often 8 or as many as 14 for lunch or dinner,and i am sure many of you here acknowledge that entertaining is always very one sided and it always falls to the same few,and you never get invitations back?

The positive side has been that i am getting many more things done,as i used to spend far to much time on the internet,and in a way its been quite liberating.

When,if ever,i get back to posting on Facebook,i am sure i will be saying. ''You remember that distance you kept when i was struggling,I now need you to double that distance during my recovery.''

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Good morning secrets. I've never joined any social media (unless HU is classed as social media), it really hasn't ever appealed to me. Family members say that I should join Twitter, Facebook etc and one of my nieces said "oh you must join What's App" but it's never interested me and I have heard some things about the attitude of some people on those forums that makes me shudder. I prefer to stay as I am - I managed without it before and will carry on doing so no doubt. x

I remember when social media was having a natter over the garden fence or outside a shop 😌

Yes, I think it was much safer than what I hear about regarding Facebook etc. xx

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MadBunny in reply to springcross

Me too. Family and friends are always on at me to join but like you say I've managed without it so far and will continue to do so. I don't see any need for it. I prefer to talk to people or use e mail.

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springcross in reply to MadBunny

I know it isn't everyone on social media but I wouldn't want to be among the ones who create the awful atmospheres and as you can't pick them out, I'll leave it alone.

Hi secrets. I am with Springcross on this one, having never joined social media - other than HU - and have managed very well without it and will continue to do so. I am always being advised by people to have a Facebook account but it has never interested me.

It's good to know that you are getting more things done 😊

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Hi there Healthunlocked is the safest and the best social media in my opinion. 👍😊

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Scrumbler in reply to Jerry

The HU platform itself needs a lot of work to bring safeguarding issues up to standard. I include some other forums in this 😊

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Hi I'm.on face book as you know but only went on to sell stuff on market place I need to get on doing that I havnt been on for about a month, i don't really like social media I'm on date site as you know but don't use it I'm only staying on here as I've made good friends and there are genuine nice people like you on but I'm limiting my time and posting less, too many people on now and I am just sticking to the few I know and trust I'm not involving myself in posts from them.i hardly know or getting involved in disbutes, I am in bed lol no glasses pixiebobs out doors open for him so I'm.having a shut eye for a hour was awake very early with him have a nice day sorry there's no commas lol I'm working on my punctuation 😂😁🐯🧡

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Scrumbler in reply to Hidden

That’s the way to do it 🌷🌺. Take care. Have a good day. Love to Pixie 💕💕

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Loopyloolool in reply to Hidden

Morning Mandy, I’m not into face book eitherEnjoy your lie in, I’m having one too 👍😘

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Good morning I'm up now be tired tonight that pixiebob lol he's out he insisted I got up then he layed in sun I sneaked back to bed but no sleep lol were off to Morrisons soon have a good day xx

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Loopyloolool in reply to Hidden

More plants lol 😳

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Hidden in reply to Loopyloolool

Lol oh no we need soil for the big pots 😁⛅🐯pixies in

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MadBunny in reply to Jerry

I don't have anything to compare it to as I don't use any other social media. But I feel very happy and safe using HU and have got to know some wonderful people, who have helped me to get through the last year. A big thank you to you and admin Jerry, for all the hard work you do on our behalf👍 😁🐰

Hear hear MB👍

I used to have a Facebook account suggested by my daughter... which was ok.... getting to know people from around the world, then you add some as “Friends”

But then they start arguing online, they expected me to take sides, some even got uptight if I wouldn’t play online games with them..... needless to say, I deleted my Facebook account, and have never missed it..... what really annoys me, you see something online that may interest you, you click on it, and it says sign in with your Facebook account or your Twitter account..... not interested now??

Dear secrets22,

I Do have a, Very Limited, Presents on Facebook...Mainly because friend sometimes 'send' me Things. Other than that, and an- again Very Limited- Presents on 'Twitter' for the same reason, I mainly use These Forums- or Email.

I mainly use This (These) Forums.


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Firstly I'm so sorry you lost your partner 16 months ago.

You are completely right in what you've said, it's always very few people that keep in contact/reciprocate invitations.

I can imagine it has been liberating for you, social media can take up far too much time. I have a Facebook account but don't spend very long on it.

I much prefer friendship in person.


i'm with you on that.x

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crazyfitnessAmbassador in reply to secrets22

Thank you xx

Me too x 🐰

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crazyfitnessAmbassador in reply to MadBunny

Thank you xx

I signed up for Facebook a year ago when it was, mandatory to wear masks on public transport, as my local market were making and selling cloth masks so I signed up for Facebook purely to access goods from them

I've cut right back on facebook, I'm not even giving out likes there, I do HU and a trans one, whatsapp with family and friends

I don't like to spread myself too thinly across platforms

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