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Beautiful 'Crackling Joint'

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Dear All,

Today I had the (Pork Leg) Crackling Joint, another one of the Iceland Meals. I Fully 'defrosted' it first, before removing the Packaging.

I then Opened the 'Film Lid' before draining the liquid and 'Patting Dry' the Roast. I placed it Into a pre-warmed oven, 180c, gas mark 4 (I believe?) and left it, for about, fifty minutes- to an hour. I removed the Roast, that both 'Looked & Smelled' delicious, before removing the 'Crackling' part and turning the meat over. I put the Crackling onto an enamel plate and put it under the grill (in my microwave).

After about another ten minutes I removed the roast, allowed it to Stand- for about five minutes- before I turned the grill on. After a few minutes I carved the Meat, added the Veg & Mashed Potato- that I had cooked- and put the Crackling on top. I placed this back into the oven, having turned it off, and made the gravy- using the meat juices.

Finally I removed my meal, from the oven, and poured over some gravy. It was BEAUTIFUL.... and I still have a Fair Bit, of the gravy left to!

Just thought that I'd share this.


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Used to love that, but I haven't eaten meat for over thirty years now. Glad you enjoyed it. 🙂🌸

I’m starving now!

Sorry I would if I could but these days I have trouble just getting up and dressed also on some days that i have managed just trying to walk to the car which is around 3 to 4 meters from my front door is difficult some times all i can manage is to sit for a few minutes then turn around and give up on going out if it was not for seeing the amazon delivery guy, post man or tesco delivery guy i would not talk to anyone for over two weeks.

I have always been of the mind set that believes if you can help someone then try your best to help but if you cannot help then don't hinder also if I have helped and get asked what do they owe me my reply is always you cannot give me anything but if in the future you come across someone you can help then do so and if asked what do they owe you just give the same reply as I did and one day it may come all around back to me.

Good luck finding people who can help others.

Regards poppy Ann.

I absolutely adore pork,and the cracking is divine,

Perfect AndrwT. Glad it was so tasty!

Oh stop it!! My mouth's watering now😀

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