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Very windy and cold but dry and no snow

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Hi all

Hope you are all ok and bearing up with the weather for those of you in the UK. It's very windy and cold here today in Devon but I'm pleased to say no snow.

I went out on a powerwalk/jog and actually removed my coat as I was plenty warm enough. I layered up rather than put one thick layer on as I know this keeps you warmer.

I did take a photo of leaves appearing on one tree but it didn't come out, it was hard holding the phone in the strong wind.

I walked/jogged 22,409 steps which equates to 11.22 miles.

Please take care and stay safe and I hope you're all warm enough.


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Oh to live in Devon, no snow! 🙂🌹🌈

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I'm so pleased we don't have any. There's a possibility we could get some tomorrow but it won't last long if it does snow as we are forecast 10 degrees on Sunday but wet.🌹🙏

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waitingame7 in reply to Veteran250

Yes I love it too, especially no snow but plenty of rain normally! Can't have it all I suppose.

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No we definitely can't have it all but the milder weather will save on the heating 😊

Oh dear it's horrible in wind lovely photos very green and love yellow flowers, my walk was complete opposite white lol and sun really warm I undid my coat and never put scarfe over my face I wore make up today even lipstick lol and decided to smile at everyone I looked at they all smile back exept one sometimes when I've tried this before they don't was only 6 people I had eye contact with too busy looking at the sun kissed snow I'll miss it but knowing springs on the way and don't want floods, and saw it thawing and green grass emerging again fed squirells and birds just about to post hope you have warmed up ❄️🌞🌻🔥if you enlarge will see the green thawed 😊

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That's a beautiful photo Mandy. Yes it's very windy here in Devon and it's the same for tomorrow but I'll still get out, I don't like staying in at all. 🌈😊

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No once I'm out I don't really want to come back well unless it's really arful but when the snow came down I actually liked been out in it and managed to freeze my fingers off on a photo doing a live broadcast lol I think I'm going more COVId crazy 😁😁😁well it keeps myself and others amused I think I'll have a break and rest my eyes while mam's out and pixie 😴😊🔥🙀

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It's lovely being outside in the fresh air, or very fresh as the case may be!! It's easy to get too cold if you stand around but if you keep moving it's surprising how warm you can be.😊👍🌈😻

I got so far, that's after I'd walked up a very steep hill, and got quite warm so took my coat off. I rarely go out walking with a coat as I know I get hot but with the strength of the wind today I thought it wise. Our wind chill is only -4 so it's balmy here😂😂.

Thank you and I love taking photos of where the hills meet the sea.

Have a lovely evening by your roaring fire with a cuppa.

Stay safe and well.


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