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Positive Wellbeing During Self-Isolation

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A little light relief and humour does'nt go amiss in these difficult times.(no offence intended)

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in isolation i chatter away to the following...

MADNESS ! Just be careful because madness is on the increase,and we should not be putting more problems on the Mental Health support team as many of them are going dotty too. Actually I've just been talking about this with the microwave,cooker and toaster while drinking a vodka and all of us agreed that things are getting worrying I was afraid to say much to the washing machine as the spinner is already gone wonky and i wont distress it even more now as its run out of Persil . And i refuse to have anything to do with the freezer as we fell out last week and is now decidedly frosty. In the end the Slow Cooker cheered me up with something warm and toasty and speaking of toast Miss Toaster is b&*#gered with her innards hanging out but she did say that all will be well when the broad beans are in flower.

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Excellent and excellent literature by the way you have described it👌😷😷🌱

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Love this! My cat and I are having significant mental health conversations. She’s a psycho kitty and I find talking helps her sometimes. There’s not enough really up in the garden to have a good conversation with the plants and all the birds and squirrels are to engrossed with each other right now!❤️❤️❤️

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What sort of cat have you got? We have a very spoilt ginger tabby called baby who is 16 in a couple of weeks time.

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She’s a tortishell. She’s in the circle when I post. Tortie are known for what is known as tortitude. I’m never sure what she’s going to do. One moment she’s on your lap purring away the next moment she’ll take a swipe at you and hiss. Keeps you on your toes! She’s six and definitely not a cuddle bun but I love her anyway. She was part of an abandoned litter that were only a couple of weeks and raised by our local shelter.

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My spinner is also agitated . They must have their own virus going around .

Hahaha secrets22,

You're right. A little bit of humour doesn't go amiss. Only 5 minutes ago I was speaking with my police officer daughter and she was saying how 'wicked' police humour is, as it helps everyone able to deal with some really terrible situations.

Your take on isolation is oh so funny, and we may all be having intimate chats with our appliances before this is over! 😀

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Hilarious, laughing makes us feel good and there is plenty of laughter in your post so thanks for having your moment of madness and sharing xx

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Sanity is grossly overrated… but, fortunately, I have two teddy-bears to talk to.

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Love it!

I talk to my older dog. He is deaf and he doesn’t mind if I repeat myself because he is a bit senile and slow too. He let his hair go grey a while ago and is encouraging me to do so. I am just afraid if I go grey and am out with my fur babies, people may think I am their grandmother !

Tomorrow I am going to get my spinner agitated because someone is running out of underwear.

My kids grew up with zany humor. Some of their friends don’t get it.

One time my bro, his wife, me, and husband were in the back of a theatre.

We were trying to talk about plays we had seen but were having a hard time remembering their names. We had not been drinking, yet we thought it was was v funny.

I am hoping we can all be in the same old age facility so we can laugh till we die.

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Dear secrets22,

I have just 'come of', another Post that has Degenerated (in a good way) into Silly Fun...😛 Actually my Home itself has had some fun, let me explain. The Walls have been TOTALLY PLASTERD😵, but unfortunately the Floor feels like it's been WALKED ALL OVER😬, whilst the Tables and Chairs feel PUT UPON😊. The Fruit Juice feels SQUASHED🙄, my Socks think that I have PUT MY FOOT in it🤗, the Pictures feel rather FRAMED😏 and the Milk seems a BIT OFF🤢. Both the Vacuum, and my Straws, think that EVERYTHING SUCKS🤦‍♂️, the Iron didn't want to give an opinion until I PRESSED IT🥴 and to crown it all my Clock then called TIME on everything.😃

At least my Cooker kept quiet, he can really TURN UP THE HEAT😎 ('Maffia-Osa' look) Just a though but, if you put a 2Kw Convector, a Halogen heater, a Fan heater and a Large Duvet and a couple of Survival Blankets into your Boot.... would you be PACKING HEAT?👣 (smelly feet).

Do 'Check Out' all the Other 'Rubbish', out there....


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thanks Andrew.....excellent and good fun.

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I didn’t used to talk to it, but in the ‘80s I had a washing machine that played Ravel’s Bolero.


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