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Positive Wellbeing During Self-Isolation

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Finding the isolation and loneliness hard at times

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I wonder if anyone willing to listen

I have always found this site helpful and understanding but now I find my loneliness and isolation hard to cope with

I made the decision to stay in U.K. until Jan in order to resit the exam and seek a years work experience

It is hard to motivate yourself when there is no one in the U.K. in terms of family

My Mum is all I have and she is far away

I never thought that life at times could be such a struggle

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Hello I'm so sorry that you are still feeling this way did you try any of the previous things I suggested before xx

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Thank you

Hi Roukaya,

You can look at life's struggles in one of two ways. You can let them beat you into submission, or you can fight them and become stronger in the process.

What works for me might not work for you, but I often counter my feelings of negativity by comparing my troubles to those which others have endured. And generally I don't have to look far to find someone who has suffered or is suffering.

For instance this morning I just finished reading a novel called 'The Beekeeper's Promise'. It's mostly a work of fiction but also contains a very real incident which occurred at the end of WW2 when the Nazis rounded up and hanged 99 of 120 men and boys, a couple of days after the D Day landings in Normandy. Imagine the suffering of that. Women widowed, children orphaned and a legacy of pain and suffering. It makes any struggle I may have today pale into insignificance.

That might not be your way out of feeling sorry for yourself in a difficult time, but there will be something and if you choose to dwell on that instead of your own suffering, you will feel better.

Sending you very best wishes and I hope you will be feeling a little more cheerful soon.

Good Afternoon

I hope you are well

I overwhelmed at times with the hurdles that I am required to surmount if I am to make sense of my life in U.K.

Either I persevere to continue with the resit and continue to apply for a years work experience or give and join my Mother

I expect today my car has gone for it’s years MOT and I also lack confidence in driving

The car mechanic was very sarcastic to me when I asked if he could add ten pounds of diesel the car

He just said it’s about time you learn to drive again

I realise that I should not look back abs think I did not get to train as a Solicitor but concentrate on taking steps to requalify back in Wills and Probate

I hope you are well

Roukaya we are all willing to listen. Life is always a struggle. If you aren’t struggling in some way you don’t grow. Every day is a roller coaster. Just ride it the best you can. Is there something you can do like a hobby to keep your hands busy? I often knit for charity. Also I listen to audiobooks a lot mostly light hearted stories that amuse me. Tv is a depressing wasteland. Just keep going as a lot of us are in the same position right now but time will move on and things will change.

Good Afternoon

I hope you are well

I think I often regret that I did not obtain the training to qualify as a Solicitor and I can honestly say since I lost my Father two and half years ago I made the decision to study Wills and Probate and find a years work experience

I think having to reset your life alone at the age of 51 is not easy and I do pray and ask for guidance

Today I had to drive the car for it’s MOT and the car mechanic very sarcastic as I asked for ten pounds worth of diesel

I now realise as you say that struggles are put in place to shape us and for us to grow otherwise without challenges how do we grow and evolve

I always have the choice to give up but I have no pension plan abs when I see others work or reach their goal I will always have that regret

I hope you are keeping well and thank you for making me realise that life is a struggle for us to grow

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Hi Roukaya, it is a difficult time at the moment, if you think, hopefully after January, you will be able to visit with your mum and keep this thought in your focus. It is not that far away. Restrictions are set to be lifted at the beginning of December so, that's not to long to wait,so maybe you could set about planning an afternoon out as something to look forward to. 😊👍

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Roukaya in reply to bobbybobb

Good Afternoon

I hope you are keeping well

Thank you for your reply

I think I find having to resit and find a years work experience to be overwhelming with the loneliness abs isolation

I remember twenty years ago when I had passed all my exams I really had so many hopes and aspirations

Now twenty on having taking care of an elderly parent his business , I am realising just how much confidence I have

My car gone for MOT and I have lost practice I driving

I asked for ten pounds of diesel as I lack the confidence to drive on the main road to the patrol station he said we can’t give you diesel , you had better learn to drive

I think this again has taught me of the need for a course of refresher lessons

Also all of this is to enable you to move ahead as K have lost confidence in driving

I hope you are making a good recovery

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This is such a hard time for everyone Roukaya , it must be especially hard on your own, would it be possible to go to visit your Mum over Xmas and then come back and do your exams, a change is as good as a rest as they say, also try and remember this won’t last for ever, good news today about finding a vaccine , we must all try and be positive and think this too will pass, take care

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Good Evening

I hope you are well

I can see as Wales was the first to enter the firebreak I can see you have come out

I think loneliness and solitude are hard for those on their own

I had the choice to go over Christmas but I would be weary of leaving my Flat alone over the Christmas period

I am hoping to go by Gods grace on January

I think I should learn to accept the consequences of the decision I made

Mum usually visits me over Christmas but due to COVID she decided against travelling

This is why as much as I would have liked , I decided to stay and visit in January

The exam in January is the fifth time resit as I pass. the other on the first attempt

May be God Willing I will spend a few days in a hotel organised by a coach touring company but to wait and see as to when lock down eases its restrictions

Hope you are well


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Yes our 17 day lockdown ends today, don't know how long it will last it depends if it has helped the numbers down though I can't see how just two weeks would help, I think it's all trial and error , we'll have to wait and see, but at least we can get out and about again now.

Are you thinking of going to a hotel for Xmas, if so I wouldn't hesitate , as you know we've been going for many years but decided not to his year because of covid and our age we have to be more careful, but we have a wonderful time when we go with everything layed on and hopefully we'll be able to go again next year, it'd be better for you than being on your own as you'll meet lots of other people in the same position, take care

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