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Trying to cope with today

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I hope everyone is keeping well

I spent a whole day trying to negotiate for a potential tenant and I realise that certain conditions will need to be fulfilled before I can agree to the agents and tenants demands

I have perfectly decent bedroom furniture and I am very reluctant to have this disposed only to buy the same once the tenant has left

Also her references need to be checked and other conditions

I know in my own experience of seeking employment, if I do not fulfil the suitable criteria I am told point blank you are not the right fit

People in my experience will tell me to my face if I am not suitable or good enough and this will explain my lack of confidence and lack of self belief in trying to follow my aims

7 Replies
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Stick to your guns Roukaya. It is your flat. There will be other tenants.

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Roukaya in reply to Troilus

Good morning

Thank you for your reply

I honestly believe unless certain conditions are fulfilled I will walk away from this tenant and this agent

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You have to stick to the correct procedures to keep yourself safe. Doing all these checks is a must so you are sure you get the right Tennant. Let the confirmation of the right data and verifications lead your decisions. Good luck Roukaya. 👍🌸🌼

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Roukaya in reply to bobbybobb

Good morning

I hope you are safe and well

I would like to thank you for your reply

The references have come back ok but I need to be certain of certain conditions before I agree

I am also reluctant to dispense with the bedroom furniture so unless she agrees for this to go to storage or if she can pay me a sum to cover the cost of repurchasing bedroom furniture it is most likely I will say no and even walk away from this agent as well

Hi Roukaya, Today's a brand new day and I hope you can conclude business over your rental. It hasn't been easy for you. It can be hard to balance business with your own personal needs and feelings and I guess you have to weigh up how much trouble this bedroom furniture is going to cause you, against how much you want your property tenanted right away.

When my husband and I first arrived back in UK we took a furnished apartment on a short term tenancy agreement of 6 months during which we found a new rental, because our landlord had explained to us that previous tenants had wanted unfurnished and he'd found it too much trouble to keep moving the furniture in and out.

He was upset when he found out we were moving on, saying that we 'only needed to ask' and he'd have removed the furniture. I didn't comment! The thing was, we were reliable and clean tenants and he knew that moving the furniture was the lesser problem.

In your case you can't know how your tenant will prove to be and you have to make some kind of judgment call on how much pressure you allow her to place on you with her demands.

I hope it does work out, whatever is decided and I hope that today will be a little more settled and peaceful for you. Take care! 🙏

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Speaking as a tenant of 6 years in 2 different countries, what my landlords have considered 'perfectly decent' furniture is not the same as mine. If there are any issues it is sometimes useful to get full feedback so that then you will know you are in the right. I am not saying your furniture is in any way 'wrong' how would I know? but it might be worthwhile finding out the feedback so that you can go ahead with your plans. Good luck, it's well worth another go. Try another agency.

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Good morning

Thank you for your reply

After much thought I have decided I am very reluctant to part with my bedroom furniture so I have thought either I am paid a decent sum for the furniture so I can replace the bedroom once she has left or request the same to be put in storage

I will ask for the rest of the conditions to be fulfilled

If not I will walk away from this tenant and the agent ad well

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