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Possibly the last nice view of autumn larch for a while

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Snow is coming. Note the yellow dots on the mountain - those are western larch, which are the only evergreen we have that turns yellow in fall and loses its needles. Gorgeous day here. Taken while waiting for winter tires to go on.

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Wow! That’s fantastic and a beautiful scene!😀👍🌈🌆

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sure is :)

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Wow what a beautiful photo! 🙂

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Thanks. Really pretty country here!

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It is a gorgeous view Wallowa, it must make you want to leap out of bed each morning and enjoy the nature around you. 😊🌲🍂

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pretty gorgeous!

How interesting Wallowa. You are indeed blessed to live in such a spectacular location.

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really something!

it's really something! it's like living in a vacation town year round.

Beautiful 😃

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I sure think so. One more sunny day and then here comes the snow!

Do you get a lot of snow where you are ?

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I would say so (depends on what you are used to!) The valley area gets about four feet ((1.2 meters)) over the season, but it's usually about a foot on the ground give or take through the season. Very fun.

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Wow, Fun indeed, lol we’re not used to snow over here, don’t think we’ve had Any for a few years now, and when we do the country comes to a stop as we’re not able to cope with it, you can’t beat a white Christmas though can you ❄️⛄️😃

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I'll post a more typical winter pic :)

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And going to be even more amazing soon.

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What a lovely shot, thanks for sharing Wallowa. xx

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