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Working class people suffering

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Working class people being made redundant through Covid lockdowns I have found that the people that there income is not effected by this virus are the people who are in support of these lockdowns if all people on benefits pensions had there income reduced or stopped would they be so keen on lockdowns .people die from this virus and they die from other illnesses and other viruses research ESPIN BAR VIRUS



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Good morning I know what you mean I had recently got a job I loved but had to give it up to keep my mam safe but I am lucky as I have enough money. I wish I could go back to work as I'm only 56 and still want to do my bit and felt better going to work I don't feel I am ready for retirement yet I feel this may get a bit political so I'm not saying anymore as we're not soposed to discuss politics it causes to many disagreements.🌟

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Keep your mam safe and yourself

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And my cat pixie lol yes we will all be keeping safe I'm worried about pixie though he still goes out it his his job 😊he really does have a job he feels he needs to mark his territory he has his route he does everyday and he gets distressed if he can't do it 🌟🐆🌟

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He can’t bring COVID home with him

Lol no threat there

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I heard there is 😭

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Sorry yes 2cats a round the world tested +for COVID

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Keep them in :)

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Oh no i didn't know this! Do you know whether dogs can aswell? Xx

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They can. Dogs don't.

Dogs do have corona viruses but at the minute they can’t infect humans

Hello Jerry when I say working class I also include bosses mangers and workers can you explain how I have made a divisive statement I will all ways be eternally grateful for the people who fought for our freedom in all wars thank you

But surely we are all working class no matter whether a guy who employs many people or the lady at Asda working on the till.I ,along with most people who I know support the lockdown,and make no mistake everyones income has been affected,but we've learned to live within our means.

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