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Positive Wellbeing During Self-Isolation

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Appreciation in difficult days

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I communicate on this post as it is a means of eradicating the loneliness and isolation.

Yesterday I was watching the Islam Channel Appeal which was fundraising for food packs to be distributed prior to Ramadhan for the nations struggling with large scale inequality and poverty with priority for Widows snd Orphans

I was touched when I realised the small scale workers and street shop sellers of the developing world will not only risk of dying of the virus but as their sole form of income has disappeared overnight they risk dying of starvation in this day and age.

This again made me think about the Christian belief of counting our blessings and sharing our blessings . Also this principle relevant in Islam too

12 Replies

Hi Roukaya,

You make a really valid point. We are all so focused on what's going on right under our noses and forget that some nations are so much less equipped to cope. And with each country focusing on itself, less aid, financial or practical comes forward to help. But we must try, as we have to defeat this globally. And it goes back to learning that the whole world is in this together. It's time to put differences aside, because this is a world war of a different kind. To all survive we must all help each other.

The other positive is that, when we focus on helping others, we forget our own difficulties for a while, and that helps us through, too.

So thank you for that. It's real food for thought.

I hope your day is going OK so far and that you are feeling positive yourself.

Take care and I hope you enjoy your day. 🙏

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Roukaya in reply to

The Islamic programme made it very clear to how much those who live from hand to mouth will see their minimum income slashed

Doubly hard

in reply to Roukaya

No matter how dire my circumstances have become in the past there's always those that are a lot worse off than I am!

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Morning, Roukaya.

Yes, indeed: baseline economic hardship makes it immeasurably harder for certain countries to cope.

Your last paragraph also highlights the common denominator/s between religions. Something we often forget or choose to ignore.

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Thank you for your reply

It is a programme which really made me reflect hence this is why I posted my view point

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I got "sucked-in" to an Alpha (introduction to Christianity) course - and I attended, as I thought that they would benefit from the point-of-view of an atheist.

I appreciate the benefits of religion, and I hope that all religions have, broadly, the same objectives - and I maintain that there are benevolent atheists.

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MidoriVisually impaired in reply to S11m

I too attended an Alpha Course. There are benevolent folk in All religions, nobody has cornered the market on it thank providence. I believe all folk want the same thing; the best for themselves and their families.

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I agree

The Dalai Lama said

I have a simple religion

My religion is kindness

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That is so true Roukaya, even when people have absolutely nothing, kindness, it might not feed them or put a roof over their heads or free them from suffering but kindness they will feel this in their hearts which will lighten the path they tread. xx

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Kindness does go a very long way

But kindness sadly can be viewed as weakness and people can take advantage

I see this all the time with both of my eldest parents how people have taken advantage of them

It even happens to me

I am not the most confident person, I lack presence and I speak like a child and for this reason I am not taken seriously

The music has started again despite reporting to the housing management

But I have taken sound recordings and this goes directionally to the Housing Management Team

It saddens me at times that the tenants below me can have house parties and blast music without a care in the world and thousands are fighting for their lives

This is why I would like to obtain the Diploma find a years work experience and requalify and leave this flat

God only knows

in reply to Roukaya


That would be gry if you could leave your flat. Yes, please do record them, if they don't listen to warnings then surely they should be moved, this might sound harsh but they are making your life a misery at the moment. Take care and stay safe Lynne xxxx

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Sorry to hear about your plight with neighbours!!. Unfortunately it does take time to resolve these issues at times.

I’m sure however you’re going to succeed in obtaining your Diploma and start to live the life you deserve.

Bless you 🙏 chrissie 🤞🏼👌.

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