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Life continues but its different and doable.

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Corona..Most people i know are abiding by the rules,but others are ignoring them,and they are putting us all at risk and the longer rules are ignored,the longer this will go on.When i read one post on Facebook telling people to fly to Spain to see family i was appalled,do they not understand they could be spreading this disease by their selfish actions,and i would ask them do they want their relatives to live or die.?

Many of my friends now live alone and all without exception abide by the rules,and if we can do it everyone can,because shutting ourselves away in these difficult times and not having human contact is very difficult indeed,I loath it,especially as i am normally an outgoing individual who thrives on interaction with people.

In the last 7 months i have engaged with very few,only a tiny group of friends did i meet up with,and even then only very occasionally,but even that i fear is now very unlikely.

When i look at news around Europe and the world it seems that all countries are struggling,and all countries have their fair share of citizens who will not behave and who believe they are immune to this cruel illness,the ignorance of some people is breathtaking,and people who dont believe this virus exists should meet my two friends who almost died,it was touch and go if they survived.

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Hi secrets22, How right you are. It's do-able and we have no option anyway. The young have found it very difficult to comply with social distancing and I can see why when they generally aren't affected so severely by having covid-19. Immaturity makes them impetuous, thoughtless and quite selfish, just as most of us once were. So whilst the more mature (and more at risk) of us have mostly been quite careful, it's now necessary to rein everyone in.

It might seem unfair that the vulnerable and those who have complied with all the rules are facing lockdown again, but when was life ever fair or reasonable?

I really feel for the isolated and lonely and we should all do our best to stay in touch with other people in any way allowable to help them pass the time.

I often use a comparison technique when I'm feeling a bit hard done by. I compare scenarios, and when I heard the news about lockdown yesterday, I asked myself would I rather be locked down in the comfort of my own home, or buried under the weight of a building in earthquake struck Turkey. It can be helpful!

I'm sending best wishes to all of you who will endure lockdown in solitude, including yourself secrets22. I'm thinking of you all. Stay in touch with this community. We got ourselves through the lockdown last time and we can do it again.

Great post, thank you. Yesterday, I was listening to a phone-in on the radio where a guy phoned in to say that he was against having a new national lockdown. He reckoned that as he was relatively young and not overly concerned about catching coronavirus, he should be allowed to go out and about and do whatever he wanted to! He completely disregarded the possibility that he could get non-symptomatic coronavirus and then wander around infecting people, many much more vulnerable than himself. He wasn't a very young guy, he was in his thirties, but his completely selfish and thoughtless attitude really shocked me. I normally try to avoid judging others, but he really got my goat! Since when did we forget that our actions affect others?

Vent over!


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MadBunny in reply to Marnie22

Some people just don't get it do they.

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Marnie22 in reply to MadBunny

No. I think some peeps just don't think, period. That's why I don't think we can assume that people's common sense is reliable as we all have different ideas as to what is sensible. 🤔🌸

hey Jerry,it is indeed a very unsettling time,and like you i am a foodie and have a houseful at Christmas/New Year,but this year i will be giving it a miss.

So glad you at least had a chat with your all helps.

My friend is a coeliac and that in itself is not easy to deal with,and i do wish you the best of everything at this unsettling time.


Great inspirational and uplifting words Jerry.

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